Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To forgive & To forget

I am blessed(cursed?) with perfect memories of events in my life.I could remember a lot.For example I could remember how an acquaintance was so bitchy 5 years ago .Last week, I did meet her again.I remember the event and the words she said 5 years ago.So I just stay away from her and I pretend that I do know her. We can't control the other person's action but we can control our own.I just refuse to be chummy with such woman. A friend likes to say I don't forgive and forget people easily.How to do that when I have clear picture of the event?
Just got back from a short course and not feeling well at all.I like to blame it on the rough ride but in such condition , it was God-sent.I am going off again for work purposes when I feel that I just want to rest at home away from people and work demands.I guess in the search of better opportunities , I have to strike the iron while it is still hot.When God is granting my wishes, I don't need to be an ungrateful brat .Yet the lure of staying at home is so desirable.Being in a room full of ambitious people at times takes and drains a  lot of energy.I need to be positive and to be constantly reminded of my goals.
Have a great week !

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Delicious Noodle Soup


This dish is my favourite food during cold days and it is heavenly.

Jalan Jalan Check Banjir

Esso Taman Sena Indah

Around Perlis

The dark days

I grew up looking for idols and figures to look up
Looking for people who could understand my despairs
Finding difficulties in comprehending turbulence and conflicts
I lost myself in mountains of books
Books were my solace and my answers to my despair
I did find my idols in books I read

They were idealists and people who were making changes
They were courageous , thinkers and compassionate people
From them I built my resilience
I learn to be ethical and put my pride in my work
Everyday I would march proudly to work
Knowing I would give honorable worthy service
On which later on in my golden days I would reflect with pride..Just like my idols
Little did I expect ..the hard work would only be destroyed by close-minded minds

Enjoying life Up North

Fishing for Food after flood

so blissfully beautiful

Riding motorcycle without helmet and busy smsing....what a fool!

The state is darn beautiful ..I got to admit.

Normal days will resume..SooN..

Take A Peek

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