Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

I am in the nostalgic mood so indulge me by reading this.When I was small, my little sister was smaller and adorable.She was very fair and captivating.I was the dark ordinary older girl that got left behind. She was the sought after Little Miss Sunshine. Everybody adored her so they brought her along to their houses and trips to the towns.Luckily Little Miss Sunshine adored her big sister.Those who wanted to bring her had to bring me too. Imagined how disappointed they were to discover I was Little Miss Sunshine's baggage. I was too darn exhilarating by the promises of new adventures with Little Miss Sunshine to be bothered by snide remarks made about me.At that time, I thought we had a good bargain.We got to go places and they got Little Miss Sunshine's company.Little that I know I would get glimpses of Little Miss Sunshine again in Little M*k Y*h.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy weeks

It is the time of the semester to mark Final Exams and Invigilate the Final Exam. Invigilating the Final Exam requires a lot of patience and creativity.Invigilating 3 hour paper is really tough on the soul.Despite all this, there are meetings to be attended , data to be interpreted , research paper to be written and an office to be tidied up.I promised my students that I would put their farewell gifts on my hall of fame.This semester has been a hectic yet memorable semester.Who could forget the flood ? Who could forget the short semester break ?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seri Malaysia Kangar

The much awaited Seri Malaysia has finally opened.We went there this evening and it is a lovely place.We will be back there soon.Promotional standard room rate is RM100 (04-977177) till June 2011.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love, Loss & Suffering

Running away is always the easiest one .Making people bear the brunt of your bad mood is too very easy thing to do. Blaming people instead of sharing the blame is additional easy way thing too.These last few days are one of the hardest days I have ever faced.The boy that I care dearly is a fugitive and we have searched high and low for him.There is still no news about him.I am so touched that some of my former students helped me with the search. Some of them asked me personally what happened to him.I am proud of these caring people I proudly call my students.These few days I religiously checked the FB in case he leaves us a note.Obviously there is none.Every time there is no message, my heart would crush.Then I realise he knows where to go if he wants to come back.His parents' houses , his grandparents' houses and our houses are always opened for him if he wants to come back.The point is does he want to come back ?Or does he cherish his new found freedom dearly?I know he is just 14 years old.Some might say he is too young and the world is a cruel place for a youngster like him.However he should learn to bear the consequences for his action. I do not raise a coward .If he loves us very much, he wouldn't let us suffer for his disappearance.He would let us know that he is all right.I thank all of you for your concern.Hopefully this pain ends real soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of the hardest questions

Farieza asked me a very hard question.What is my favourite song ? I am still thinking.Could I choose more than one ? My favorite songs are Bunkface (through my window), Kaer(Izinkan Ku pergi),Rihanna & Chris Brown(Umbrella) and others.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Allahyarhamah Syuzila Said

Today is a gloomy day in the campus.We are grieving for the death of our respected staff.When I woke up this morning, there was a SMS from a friend informing me the sudden death of Cik Syuzila Said the night before.She had a heart attack at the age of 35 years old.I was shocked as throughout these years, our paths crossed.She was a very efficient and helpful staff at PJI. She would always smiled and tried to help us.She touched all of our hearts. When she was taken from us, we grieve.Al-Fatihah.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Satay Kayang vs Satay Kajang

Kajang has satay Kajang and satay Haji Samuri .It is my pleasure to announce that Perlis finally has its own satay, which is Satay Kayang.I had the opportunity to taste Satay Kayang which is located at Taman Rekreasi Bukit Cenderawasih Kangar. It is definitely my favourite satay in Perlis.Originally the owner sold the satay at night markets.So it is heartening to see the owner has opened a new permanent stall there.Do try Satay Kayang, as once tasted you will forget the overrated Satay Kajang.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Patient Ones & The Lucky Ones

My friends and I joined the basketball club since we were in Form 1.We would religiously practice everyday throughout the year. However the coach didn't let us play for the school team.Perhaps we were not good.Instead he would select the netball players to represent our team though they did not practice throughout the year.We thought it was unfair but we were just students. Till the final year when we were in Form Five. I bet he pitied us and wanted to reward us for our dedication.We did not care we did not win any major game. We were overwhelmed with being chosen as the school players.We worked hard throughout the years as the basketball courts were the testaments of our dedication.We were jubilant and were darn proud of our picture in the year book representing our school.It was an achievement to all of us. I did learn something important from all those years.I learn to be very patient and I don't give up easily.

Unlike my friends and I, the girls of SM Jati are the lucky ones. They don't have to wait for four years to represent their school.

Little Mek Y*h

This is the little girl who tantalizes our hearts (for now).

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Acts of kindness

Most of my students are lucky ones as they have supportive and loving families. It is easy to know.When they are asked about their homes , they would have sparkles in their eyes. They can't wait to get home to their parents.These people are blessed ones. Others run from their troubled  homes  and  lucky to have friends who are willing to take them to their lovely families.Yet there are people who seem to be lost and still searching for the peace they want badly.I guess we won't know these people's troubles unless we are close to them.However, we have to do something. We could start by doing acts of kindness. Perhaps, we could start by smiling at them, asking them about their lives , by sharing our food ,opening door for them and other acts of kindness. Who knows...

Sunny Arau

The days after the flood were sunny days.The sun shines again in Arau. I guess tropical days are here to stay.Next week is the last week of the semester.That means next Friday would be the day to bid farewell to the students that I have tortured mercilessly for one whole semester. I would miss them a lot as much I have missed my former students.These people are superb.  This week is the beginning of mega busy weeks ahead of all of us .It ends when the results are validated and we have one to two weeks to chill and the semester starts again for those teaching diploma courses.It is going to be a long holiday for those teaching degree students.I need to get away from this city(hahahahaha).Some of my colleagues are going to travel to a neighboring country .Perhaps I should join them so I could so some shopping there.Before all those glorious moments could be enjoyed , these weeks are here to stay.I notice that some of the students are getting sick and the Final is just around the corner. I just hope they would take good care of themselves.Some of them wonder how to slow down when there are too many books to read, too many assignments to complete and too little time to waste.

1.Have enough sleep.
2. Get enough rest.
3. Do eat nutritious food.
4. Remember to pray.
5. Consult your lecturers.
6. Study with smart friends.
7. Take a deep breathe.
8. Exercise
9. Go to that huge building that is the..Library...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Good Man Stays

Today is my father's birthday.He is a very simple man.He might not understand this birthday post but I am sure somebody would read and inform him.Then he would be pleasantly surprised ( I hope). My dad was a postman and he never studied at the university.He made sure all seven of us are university graduates and my parents have all of our graduation pictures on their wall.These pictures are their medals or reminders of tougher times. Perhaps to remind themselves and their children how much they sacrificed . I am sure they have sacrificed a lot.My father is a quiet man who doesn't express emotions readily unlike my mother.When I thanked him for bringing us up and giving us good education, I could sense he was close to tears.Later on my mother told me he was overcame by emotions.My father is never a suave and sophisticated man. He might be baffled by our eccentricities but he tries his best to comprehend us.He teaches me a very important lesson. A good man stays and fights the battle. A good man never runs away.A good man stands by his family.My father is a good man.In my eyes, my father is an impressive man and I don't get impressed easily.

Selamat Hari Jadi Abah!
Abah adalah bapa yang ulung !

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool & Birthdays

For five consecutive years, on 1st April morning there would be an announcement informing us that if the students played pranks on teachers and fellow students on April Fool Day, we would be punished accordingly.Usually the announcement would be too late or just in time to hinder such pranks.We would have great fun on that day treading carefully as we wouldn't know when, how or why the pranks would be put on us.Sometimes we concocted the pranks weeks before the day.The usual victims would always be our beloved teachers.The April Fool Day was the day for all us at that boarding school.

Come today, my two sweethearts are celebrating birthdays.One is on the way to become a super genius and another is a genius on the run.Happy Birthday sweethearts !

Take A Peek

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