Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Patient Ones & The Lucky Ones

My friends and I joined the basketball club since we were in Form 1.We would religiously practice everyday throughout the year. However the coach didn't let us play for the school team.Perhaps we were not good.Instead he would select the netball players to represent our team though they did not practice throughout the year.We thought it was unfair but we were just students. Till the final year when we were in Form Five. I bet he pitied us and wanted to reward us for our dedication.We did not care we did not win any major game. We were overwhelmed with being chosen as the school players.We worked hard throughout the years as the basketball courts were the testaments of our dedication.We were jubilant and were darn proud of our picture in the year book representing our school.It was an achievement to all of us. I did learn something important from all those years.I learn to be very patient and I don't give up easily.

Unlike my friends and I, the girls of SM Jati are the lucky ones. They don't have to wait for four years to represent their school.

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  1. seriously? hehe i was a state hockey player back then ;P


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