Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First weeks of the Semester

It is great to see the faces of my former students and new faces in my classes.Being with these young minds helps me feel younger.I think this semester is going to be really amazing.However this is a hectic semester.I still haven't finished my part on the new book and I have to remind myself to be disciplined.I really need to write diligently without any distraction.How is that possible to me? I am easily distracted .I can't wait till this coming October.I need my holiday badly.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Academic Entrepreneurship & the Dreamers

Tomorrow will be the last day of Academic Entrepreneurship.My friends and I were invited to be speakers for two slots.I was pleasantly surprised when we were invited to speak. We were asked to speak as we did publish two books.Speaking in public is  always a nerve wrecking speaking  especially in front of our peers.I am impressed with Sue, Anis and Ani's presentations.They were calm and collected . They were polished public speakers.It hit me that we have come a long way.

We were the underdogs but we were dreamers. We dreamed of  writing our books. We started writing manuals for our students and the dream of having our own books keep us writing .The demands of writing and juggling a lot of roles at times require sacrifices. Sometimes I declined social offers or worked at odd hours to finish writing.A lot of money was spent on compact discs , paper , ink and pen drive .Now we have published two books and one book in the process of publishing.

 I still remember the first international conference in Malacca.I was so sick that I couldn't feel the anxiety even though I had two papers to present.All I could remember I tried my best not to vomit or faint.2009 was the year of presentations.All of us presented at as many conferences as we could.Initially we did not know what to do but we learnt throughout the way.At Colt 2009, Sue and I were bombarded by a Malaysian academician who didn't agree with our findings.We learn to take criticism wisely. Presenting in Kuching was a trip to confront fear as I had my former supervisor ;Prof Raja Maznah, as my audience.We only presented once in 2010 with four papers as 2010 was the year of journal writing.

Looking back, then I realise that I shouldn't expect less from my friends.They are polished public speakers as they have all the experiences from  their hard work and  sacrifices.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ms Unforgettable

This post is for someone who thinks she is being sidelined for other posts.

You make the best nescafe tarik!
Your fish head curry is awesome !
Your bread butter pudding rules my world !
You are simply fabulous !

I hope this would flatter you so we could go out for another feast at Komalaut !

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cikgu Rosli & Nasi Lemak

I had a kind male teacher in my past.I was in Standard 6.His name is Cikgu Rosli.He taught us Bahasa Malaysia.Nearby my school, there was a stall selling the most famous nasi lemak in the area.So my friends and I would go to school early and we would buy that famous delicious nasi lemak.The tantalising smell of nasi lemak would seduce us that we couldn't bear to wait till recess.We would put our books in front of us and we would eat nasi lemak during Cikgu Rosli's class. He neither punished us nor said anything. He just taught the lesson as usual by steadily conducting his class . He did smile at us . During that time , we thought that we had to be so smart to deceive a smart man like Cikgu Rosli .When I am in front of the class now , I know the naked truth. Cikgu Rosli could clearly see half of his students  eating nasi lemak despite the books we put in front of us. He was just being kind to his hungry foolish students.I am so sorry Cikgu Rosli.I could afford to buy you the best nasi lemak now if we are given the opportunity to meet. Thank you Cikgu Rosli for the lesson taught.

That is life

Few months ago I got to know the death of an old school mate due to lung cancer.I was shocked.In my eyes, he was still that chubby adorable boy that everybody loved to befriend with.We were not close but growing up in a boarding school, everyone knew everyone.Al-fatihah.I know that that is life. You grow older and death is only certainty.Today when I was reading a post in my Alumni group, I was surprised to know a course mate amputated one of her legs . She is a lovely jolly soul.Still she is full of life.Once again, a reminder to myself to appreciate the gift of living.It beats me why some young girls want to end their lives just because some foolish boys break their hearts.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teachers' Day!

Whenever I celebrate Teachers' Day, I would remember my teachers' names; Mrs. Koh, Mrs.Chan , Mrs.Gregory and Puan Hamidah.Mrs.Koh taught me English at a kampung school in Sitiawan.She was a strict motherly teacher who wouldn't give up on the village children.I met Mrs.Chan at a boarding school in Taiping.I had her for three years and nobody could remain invisible in her class.So all of us were pushed to our limit.Yet she took all of us under her wings and she must love us as she would take us to picnics at the end of each year.In my fourth year, a gentle American woman took over our class so we were forced to speak English all the time in her class.I know how my students feel when I force them to do so .Puan Hamidah was a new physical Education teacher to the school. She had soft spot for underdogs. Another teacher I remember would be a teacher at Convent Kajang who gave  her advice.Just be Yourself..Do Your best.There would be some students who won't like you even when you do your best.However there would always be students who would like you. These are my teachers who  influence my life.Thank you for having faith in me. I am sure there are many dedicated and caring teachers around the world who make the world a brighter and happier place to live.Happy Teachers' Day.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The green buggy in Tasik Darul Aman Jitra

One of my favourite things to do in Jitra is being at Tasik Darul Aman ( Darul Aman Lake is beside the highway).I love to brisk walk around the Lake or drive a buggy around the lake.It was darn hot yesterday and we were lazy to walk as we had been walking in a shopping complex for hours.So we opted to drive a green buggy.The green buggy is the latest addition so we were darn pleased when we were given the opportunity to drive the green buggy . It is like driving a new car. So if you are in Jitra, do drop by at the lovely lake and enjoy your time there. Might be if you are lucky , you might get to drive a green buggy or a red one.Enjoy !

Ms Green Buggy

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Lynn Ikan Bakar, Komalaut Kuala Perlis

I have a new favourite ikan bakar joint in Kuala Perlis. It is located in Komalaut( Kompleks Makanan Laut). It is a new place so it is a little bit deserted as people would frequent the popular older complex near the seaside right in front of Brasmana Inn.Komalaut is before that place and it is on your left after the traffic light.I went to Lynn Ikan Bakar twice.The service, the food and the price are superb.The chef loves to cook and the owner wouldn't let you take more than you could eat.Ain't that sweet!

1st attempt = chili crabs, mentarang, ikan bakar + rice for two (Rm50)

2nd attempt = sambal prawn, kerang , ikan bakar & sotong celop tepung + rice for two


The Aftermath.......

I am sure if I ate at any of the shops in front of Brasmana Hotel, the price is double or triple.Apart from that, the drinks are delicious too. if you are dying to eat seafood, give Komalaut a try.You might like the place.There are other shops like Mona Ikan Bakar, Ninie Ikan Bakar & Makanan Laut and Western Food.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The best Teh Ais in Arau

In this hot sweaty sexy weather of Perlis, I am hankering for a perfect teh ais. After glasses of teh ais at restaurants in Perlis, I have made my decision.The best teh ais in Perlis is at Ezee Shoppe & Cafe, Arau. It is just perfect creamy milky iced tea that would make me colder in this pradise.It just costs RM1.20.Another reason to visit Perlis is to have this dreamy drink.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Selamat Hari Ibu ( Happy Mother's Day )

In conjunction of Mother's Day, I am going to write about my mother.This morning I called her while she was at a meeting .She was pleasantly surprised to hear that I wished her Happy Mother's Day.I know I am bad with the dates and so on.I posted a card for her few days ago and really hope that I wrote the right address .What could I say about my mother? When I was young, she was a very strict and no-nonsense mother.As we grew older, my mother became savvier.She practiced democracy.She treated our friends with respect. We are allowed to make our choices.I was free to travel on my own since I was Form Four.There was no rule practically.We were taught to be responsible for our actions.If people complained about our behavior, we would be blamed first.If we did mistakes, we had to learn from our mistakes.I often wonder why she trusts us so much .Her magic sentence would be...I trust you and I know you won't betray my trust.She just trust us. It was pretty cool considering most mothers at that time put pretty tight leash on their children.Another popular sentence..Do you really want to do this ?If it is..I will support you as I believe in you . My mother is not a university graduate.She was a school clerk and I think she looked up to the teachers on how to raise her children and she practiced what she learnt with us.All seven of us are university graduates partly due to my parents' sacrifices and determination.I grow up realizing that she is a great mother and a beautiful person. Terima kasih Mak.

Another benefit being her children is the fact that she has four great sisters; Mak Long, Mak Lang, Mak Teh and Mak Cik. Her sisters become our beloved surrogate mothers.We learn a lot from them.Then I am blessed to get to know other mothers ; Mak Cik Patimah ,Mak Cik Chah,Mak Cik (Ani's mother), Mak Cik ( Zira's mother)and Mak Cik ( Rosa's mother ) . I remember Yasmin's mother who showered me with love, kindness and food who passed away .Al-Fatihah.

Selamat Hari Ibu untuk Mak, Mak Long, Mak Lang, Mak Teh, Mak Cik , Mak Cik Patimah, Mak Cik Chah
and all the mothers of my friends. I love you.Thank you for your love & wisdom.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Miss Cahaya Qilla

Happy Birthday to you !I have known you for ages since you were that adorable four year old who was obsessed with all the games at the shopping complex. You have grown up to a lovely responsible young fashionista who goes gaga over Carlo Rino bags. We enjoy listening to your stories about the antics of the Amanah gangsters and your wannabe suitors.I still have these two pictures when you were young .I bet you will have a very bright future ahead of us.You just got to believe in yourself and work hard.Love you lots.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sukan Staff 2011..again

Books to write ...

I finished writing my part for a new book and tonight hopefully I will be able to finish my part for another book if my editor finishes editing my work.Tomorrow I will start writing a new book. In my case , the books are mostly academic books . My mother explained it better in her words - Buku yang kita tak faham nak baca (The books we do not understand) when asked about the books that I wrote. Why bother writing a book ? Writing lets me weave my dreams.However writing is a demanding work. There are countless of works being done before the book is published and after the book is published. When the book is published , you would pray hard there wouldn't be glaring printing errors.After that you got to publicize your book.If you are not interested to promote your book, don't blame others if they are not interested in selling your book. Don't start writing if you don't want to be hooked on this writing madness.

A novice writer

I am a Malay but after years of writing in English make it hard for me to write a book in Malay. I really salute the writers who could write Malay books in such attractive casual style.Their writings inspire me to be so ambitious that I did agreed to co-write a book in Malay.Then the process of being laughed gleefully by my editor started. She just couldn't stop laughing at my writing and said my writing in Malay was entertaining in a sarcastic way.I definitely understand her intended meaning . So I really respect those writers who could really write well in Malay. Fortunately , I could learn a lot from them by reading their works and by looking at how they play with the words.May be one day I will be able to write well in Malay.Hope floats.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sukan Staf 2011

The one event that I did not put in my calendar as I thought I could not attend.Fortunately due to some necessary guidance , I did attend the event.I never expected to have so much fun of being there with my friends and to be a part of an enthusiastic and infectious group . As a result, I stayed till the end .Looking back at the event, my friends and I agreed that we had made the right decision.Too bad that others couldn't participate.Sukan Staff is definitely a kewl event.

Take A Peek

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