Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teachers' Day!

Whenever I celebrate Teachers' Day, I would remember my teachers' names; Mrs. Koh, Mrs.Chan , Mrs.Gregory and Puan Hamidah.Mrs.Koh taught me English at a kampung school in Sitiawan.She was a strict motherly teacher who wouldn't give up on the village children.I met Mrs.Chan at a boarding school in Taiping.I had her for three years and nobody could remain invisible in her class.So all of us were pushed to our limit.Yet she took all of us under her wings and she must love us as she would take us to picnics at the end of each year.In my fourth year, a gentle American woman took over our class so we were forced to speak English all the time in her class.I know how my students feel when I force them to do so .Puan Hamidah was a new physical Education teacher to the school. She had soft spot for underdogs. Another teacher I remember would be a teacher at Convent Kajang who gave  her advice.Just be Yourself..Do Your best.There would be some students who won't like you even when you do your best.However there would always be students who would like you. These are my teachers who  influence my life.Thank you for having faith in me. I am sure there are many dedicated and caring teachers around the world who make the world a brighter and happier place to live.Happy Teachers' Day.

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