Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sukan Staf 2011

The one event that I did not put in my calendar as I thought I could not attend.Fortunately due to some necessary guidance , I did attend the event.I never expected to have so much fun of being there with my friends and to be a part of an enthusiastic and infectious group . As a result, I stayed till the end .Looking back at the event, my friends and I agreed that we had made the right decision.Too bad that others couldn't participate.Sukan Staff is definitely a kewl event.


  1. Wow! 1st time I can see your picture in your own blog Miss.Hehe.And I love it! I can see your partner in MUET Workshop, Puan Rosma Malini and the others. Wonderful event. :)

  2. Thanks Farieza.

  3. i had a great times too hehe


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