Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Books to write ...

I finished writing my part for a new book and tonight hopefully I will be able to finish my part for another book if my editor finishes editing my work.Tomorrow I will start writing a new book. In my case , the books are mostly academic books . My mother explained it better in her words - Buku yang kita tak faham nak baca (The books we do not understand) when asked about the books that I wrote. Why bother writing a book ? Writing lets me weave my dreams.However writing is a demanding work. There are countless of works being done before the book is published and after the book is published. When the book is published , you would pray hard there wouldn't be glaring printing errors.After that you got to publicize your book.If you are not interested to promote your book, don't blame others if they are not interested in selling your book. Don't start writing if you don't want to be hooked on this writing madness.

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