Sunday, May 8, 2011

Selamat Hari Ibu ( Happy Mother's Day )

In conjunction of Mother's Day, I am going to write about my mother.This morning I called her while she was at a meeting .She was pleasantly surprised to hear that I wished her Happy Mother's Day.I know I am bad with the dates and so on.I posted a card for her few days ago and really hope that I wrote the right address .What could I say about my mother? When I was young, she was a very strict and no-nonsense mother.As we grew older, my mother became savvier.She practiced democracy.She treated our friends with respect. We are allowed to make our choices.I was free to travel on my own since I was Form Four.There was no rule practically.We were taught to be responsible for our actions.If people complained about our behavior, we would be blamed first.If we did mistakes, we had to learn from our mistakes.I often wonder why she trusts us so much .Her magic sentence would be...I trust you and I know you won't betray my trust.She just trust us. It was pretty cool considering most mothers at that time put pretty tight leash on their children.Another popular sentence..Do you really want to do this ?If it is..I will support you as I believe in you . My mother is not a university graduate.She was a school clerk and I think she looked up to the teachers on how to raise her children and she practiced what she learnt with us.All seven of us are university graduates partly due to my parents' sacrifices and determination.I grow up realizing that she is a great mother and a beautiful person. Terima kasih Mak.

Another benefit being her children is the fact that she has four great sisters; Mak Long, Mak Lang, Mak Teh and Mak Cik. Her sisters become our beloved surrogate mothers.We learn a lot from them.Then I am blessed to get to know other mothers ; Mak Cik Patimah ,Mak Cik Chah,Mak Cik (Ani's mother), Mak Cik ( Zira's mother)and Mak Cik ( Rosa's mother ) . I remember Yasmin's mother who showered me with love, kindness and food who passed away .Al-Fatihah.

Selamat Hari Ibu untuk Mak, Mak Long, Mak Lang, Mak Teh, Mak Cik , Mak Cik Patimah, Mak Cik Chah
and all the mothers of my friends. I love you.Thank you for your love & wisdom.

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