Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cikgu Rosli & Nasi Lemak

I had a kind male teacher in my past.I was in Standard 6.His name is Cikgu Rosli.He taught us Bahasa Malaysia.Nearby my school, there was a stall selling the most famous nasi lemak in the area.So my friends and I would go to school early and we would buy that famous delicious nasi lemak.The tantalising smell of nasi lemak would seduce us that we couldn't bear to wait till recess.We would put our books in front of us and we would eat nasi lemak during Cikgu Rosli's class. He neither punished us nor said anything. He just taught the lesson as usual by steadily conducting his class . He did smile at us . During that time , we thought that we had to be so smart to deceive a smart man like Cikgu Rosli .When I am in front of the class now , I know the naked truth. Cikgu Rosli could clearly see half of his students  eating nasi lemak despite the books we put in front of us. He was just being kind to his hungry foolish students.I am so sorry Cikgu Rosli.I could afford to buy you the best nasi lemak now if we are given the opportunity to meet. Thank you Cikgu Rosli for the lesson taught.

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