Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's School Holiday

These days I am busy entertaining a house guest.She finds out that her dream house is not in Perlis.So we stop showing her lovely bungalows in Perlis.So far she keeps dreaming going to C-Mart.Ipoh might have Jaya Jusco but it does not have the eclectic C-Mart.She likes Cindai Klasik Kafe and Mai Cafe.She seems to be hungry most of the time.Perhaps Perlis is really a food paradise or I keep showing visitors where to eat delicious food.I just got my Kelisa back.Obviously the workshop owner lost my phone number and was frantically searching for us. It's a beauty without any dent and new paint.


  1. thx for being such a great host. I o u 1 ;-)

  2. Perlis is such a heaven of food. definitely. :)

  3. Farieza, You are so right.
    Anon- You are welcomed!


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