Sunday, March 27, 2011

The most-anticipated Workshop in March

Every semester, we are assigned to handle Reading Workshop for MUET.It is just a two hour workshop but there would be plenty of things to do before the workshop.I was on reading spree on how to conduct a good workshop and how to squeeze everything students need to know in 2 hour workshop.Having a great partner like my Reading partner makes work more interesting and exciting.In order to be a good reader, you need to read a lot of different reading materials.It is just like dancing, singing or driving, reading skills require a lot of practice.Furthermore you need to use your dictionary if you do not know the meaning of the words.I would always use a conventional dictionary or online dictionary(

It was good to see my former students and present students in the workshop.It was good to see Farieza, Diana , Nurha, Farha and others .It was a little bit chaotic and I would like to apologize if the students couldn't participate well in the workshop. I was a little worried if I was too tired for the workshop and I was worried that I would be late.I attended another workshop the night before in Swiss-Inn Sg Petani.This was possible to my best friend who did the driving. I did ask several students of mine and some volunteers to help me carrying all the stuff from the car park to the venue.Seeing familiar faces and beloved faces in the audience helped me to do my job.Thank you people.I know how hard it is for you to wake up early in the morning and spend your cherished weekend with us.I am glad that I have the chance to be once again with all of you.


  1. U had done a great job. From the 4 session of the workshop,your session was the best and I must admit that I enjoyed. Great tips and jokes.Nothing much from us,just a support for u by sitting in front. We love and miss u miss. :)


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