Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prisoner of the House

I am stuck in my house .Even though the rain stops raining, the roads are still flooded.The route to workplace is still flooded.I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day as I could go back to work.Right now I am working from home.Thankfully I have a complete workplace and it has been a productive day.After yesterday incident when the car was nearly stranded due to the flood, I have to be careful.The back of my house is still full of water as the rain was too heavy yesterday and I have to drain the water off my backyard.The house is so strange in the way that once water is in the house, it is hard to let it out. However, I am so lucky and thankful as I am spared from the flood this time. I learn to check the conditions of the flooded roads at this website (

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  1. it made want to stay in perlis even more..hahaha

    p/s feed ur own fish!


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