Thursday, March 10, 2011

Broken hearts and Broken families

My heart goes to young people who blame themselves for their parents' broken marriages and divorces.Don't be too hard on yourselves and on your parents.Accept the fact.It is not your fault.It is not your parents' faults.Definitely it is not God's fault!Nobody gets married for the sake of divorces.Sometimes love and passion died.At times bad things do happen to good people.Most of the time your parents too are confused and scared.Try to be understanding.Remember your own break up and how sad it is to have your heart being trampled by your loved ones.Your parents are just humans.Sometimes being humans, when in pain we tend to forget the agony of others.Do you get over all of this excruciating pain ? Of course you do.You have your parents, siblings, relatives , friends and concerned strangers for support.Sometimes because the pain is too much, you feel so alone .If you still think that you are alone,you should be reminded that God is always there.Do pray!Someday you realise that the blaming game is for cowards .You realise that because of all the pain, you are stronger and braver. You dare to take more chances. You realise you are able to smile once again.Congratulations! You are finally a responsible adult!

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