Monday, March 28, 2011

The Tale of the Evil Cane

I lived in Lekir, Setiawan once in a rustic kampung where my mom was a school clerk.We stayed at the school quarter which was in secluded area behind the school buildings.I made great friends there and life was superb there.My mother believed in a strict rule which required us to go out for play at 5.30 p.m. and returned home before maghrib.We had to take our bath before maghrib azan or we had to pay the price.Sometimes being children, my brother and I would be immersed in playing with our friends till we forgot the rule.We tried to sneak out into the house without her knowing and being a small one-room house, nothing escaped her eyes.My mom had a cane. That cane was used to cane us when we broke the rules. So she would take out a cane and chased us.We would run out from the house and ran around the school buildings with our mother chasing us to the amusement of the school guard.She was a fast runner so we would always lose.

Few days after the incident, we would adhere to the rule .Then life would be too exciting and we would be chased and caned again by our dearest mother.Till one day my brother and I decided to end the tragedy of being chased and caned .We decided to get rid of the evil cane .We stole the cane and ran away to an old well not far from the house.We threw away the evil cane and laughed joyously.Somehow my mother knew the cane was missing and asked us .We didn't confess of our sin.
I think she knew and until now she suspects we threw the cane away.After the disappearance of the evil cane,my mother stopped chasing and caning us . So we thought we did the right thing.We had saved our family from the evil cane !Till this day, we never confess that we did it.I am so proud that my brother could keep this secret from my mother for a long time .Or did he tell her long time ago?

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