Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Last PTK

I am not sure what I should write but I have the die-hard fan of this blog and she keeps reminding me to write .Yesterday I received a great news.I went to the last PTK last December and yesterday I got the news that I passed with flying colors.Alhamdulillah . Till today I am still smiling happily.You have no idea how PTK rocked my world.It was a dramatic PTK. 1 hour after I signed up for PTK,the Prime Minister announced that PTK will be abolished in June 2011.Then PTK was no longer fashionable.Everyone was looking forward for the new system cos PTK was darn scary.I had no other choice cos I had already signed up.Before we took the PTK, we had to attend the pre-PTK course which we were given information on what to do during the PTK.During that time, Perlis was having the worst flood .We planned to fly to Kuala Lumpur but unfortunately our flights were cancelled and we had no other way but to go by using the trusty old mini-bus.Beggars could not be choosy.Our trip was nearly cancelled as the bus nearly broke down as it had to go through the flood for several minutes. I prayed hard so that I didn't have to wade the dirty flood water. The company of other supportive souls made the journey more eventful.

The others went back to work on their PTK assignments but yours truly went to Seoul for inspirations. When I returned , I had to work so hard to make up for the lost time.Concerned friends kept asking me whether I had finished my assignments and I kept saying..Not Yet.Thankfully all the assignments were completed several days prior to our departure.We were lucky as we had a great negotiator who negotiated for our cancelled trip with MAS and AirAsia so we chose to fly for our PTK.During our PTK, once again I was lucky to be in the company of supportive colleagues who kept on motivating and sharing their experiences in making my PTK less stressful and more memorable.Looking back, I am so glad I took the last PTK.I can proudly say this , I am a survivor of PTK !


  1. U should keep writing miss. If not I don't have any good blog to read. I need u to improve my english. :)
    By the way, CONGRATULATIONS for the flying colors. awesome! (^_^)

  2. Thanks Farieza.


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