Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ya* and her guardian angels

My niece; Ya*,called me out of the blue.I was pleasantly surprised.

A*****, how are you? Have you eaten? This is Ya*
Could you buy me a pair of blue jeans?
I love you.

How could I deny such a simple request from an adorable three years old girl.Last Hari Raya, I did buy her a pair of adorable jeans -cum-skirt.Obviously she loves it so much so now I am appointed as her official jeans buyer.

After that her father called me .Obviously he wanted to explain his daughter's mission.
Kak ****, Ya* wanted to speak to all of you ( there are six of us ).Apparently she was calling all six of us using her father's phone and she was searching for my sister.Apparently she wanted the six of us to buy things for her. Obviously we are her guardian angels to grant her six wishes.That is so smart.

Then my sister called me excitedly saying that the little girl managed to get hold of her.She wanted my sister to buy her a chicken burger ! A chicken burger?

Ya*, I could buy you a chicken burger anytime!

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