Thursday, November 14, 2013


Dear Iman,

Congratulations for scoring 4As and 1B for your UPSR.You have done your best and I congratulate you on that. I know you must be disappointed that you did not get 5As.  However, I am at loss at comforting a dear 12 year old boy. Thank God, you have your wonderful parents to comfort you. So I am dedicating you this post. Yes, this post is especially for you. When you  read this post, you would know how I feel about you and the whole situation.

What matters is you did your best. You did a great job.I am sure of us feel the same way.
Don't be too hard on yourself. Do not spend time analyzing what you did wrong. When you spend more time on regrets and what ifs, you are treading on dangerous water. It is time to move on. This is just the beginning.

Being the eldest is pretty challenging but interesting. You are the trend setter and  have the opportunity to create new paths. However, you have to face overwhelming expectations and responsibilities. The little ones are looking up at you. Sometimes you fail and most of the times you find success. That is being Abang Iman, the leader of the pack. Later on, you will pass the baton to the little ones. Then, you just observe from far.

You might feel down today. However, I am going to celebrate today. Today, I salute you Iman for being a brilliant boy, adorable nephew, responsible abang, cheeky little one , great son and all the great things you are

Today I have a peek of a man you will become..and I can't wait to meet the man.

I love you Iman a lot from the day you were born.
You were our  dream that comes true.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sentosa Villa, Taiping

I first heard of Sentosa Villa when my sis stayed over there and bragged about the beauty of the place. She has a thing for resorts. Ly had an obsession with owning a kebun or dusun and building a home there. Meanwhile my dear bro-in-law was involved in an accident. We just had to pay a visit to Taiping.We had lunch there. The food was acceptable but the place is perfect for writing. I could write here and relax.

p/s Thanks Anyah for the correction

Take A Peek

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