Saturday, October 9, 2010

You Again ?

Being a plain young girl  at a boarding school can be pretty challenging.I was allocated in a room of popular beautiful girls.Initially, I was flattered that I would be closer to some of the most popular girls in my school.Sadly, they were not really beautiful.I often found that some of them would ask for my favor such as lying  on my bed so they wouldn't need to tidy their bed or borrow my books .Initially I would happily grant their requests for the sake of having their friendship. When I refused to do so, they would bitch about me and wonder how a plain jane like me could end up sharing a room with beautiful girls like them.This went for a year.The following year I was lucky as I learned the true meaning of beauty as I shared a room with really beautiful people.With Facebook, somehow high school is here to stay so the beautiful people of the past are crossing my path again.These girls or women only talk about their beautiful past which means their present sucks.They do want to be in my glorious present but I am not stuck in the high school.You again?Never !!!


  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

  2. Gee~ peace. Is a past right? Everything goes better now!! ^^

  3. You are wise- Spring Lover.
    You are darn right - Bendan


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