Monday, January 31, 2011

I want everything....

Bunkface - Through My Window Lyrics

Don’t want much, I just want everything
Thought that I could, do almost anything
One step in front of the other
Thought that I could do it alone

In the blink of an eye, it’s just another day
Telling me why, I’ll find another way
Got this feeling, got me reeling
I can almost start believing

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me, me are together now
Through my window, I can see there’s
More than you and more than me

Me and you, And we are not alone
Different view, We are together now
Through my window, I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real

I see a spark, it starts a fire
Is this the one worth waiting for?
Thought that I could do it without you
Can’t exist like this anymore

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me
We are together now

Through my window, I can see there’s
More than you and more than me

Now there’s me and you, you and me
We are not alone and we are together
Through my window I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real


Of course I want everything...hahahaha

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today the four of us were nominated for our publishing work
I didn't win
One of us did walk on the stage to receive the award
She dedicated the award to all of us
She thanked me in private profusely
To her I should win

I did win today
When our names were nominated
when she won
I delivered my promise to all of them today

I did promise to them in the past
We didn't have to tell people of our work
Someday our work will speak for us
Today the hard work, countless revisions, nerve wrecking experiences and criticism speak on our behalf
Today I win
Today is our day

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome Back Ms Moscow

My dear niece is here in warm Malaysia
escaping from the worst winter in Moscow
I know she will miss her Russian fridge
I believe she will visit her shopping malls
I trust her friends will be willing to ferry her everywhere she wants to go
Her family members will try their best to ensure her of great hospitality
Trust me..she is that adorable

Lucky her..she has two parents who love her very much
and could afford to support her wishes
She just went to Moscow last June
Now she is back here..go figure

I told her
she has great responsibilities
to God
to her parents
to her country
to herself
to be the best that she can..not to be folly
as she is very lucky
to fool around with that kind of brain and charm is a waste

I'm not sure whether at 20..she will comprehend this..I pray she does
Welcome Back Ms Moscow
You never leave our hearts anyway...

Having dreams

The beauty of having dreams is to have an escapism
there should be a haven for you to seek refuge
in your chaotic life that makes you feel better
these dreams keep you sane
these dreams strengthen you
it could be the dream of providing your loved one protection
or the escapade to an exotic island
or knowing you will someday be in your own home

I am one of those people who have too many dreams
people say I want too much ..I ought to dream a little and live more
My friend dreams of driving R8 or having a lamborghini in her garage
do we declare of her being seriously insane?
or just patiently wait for the day to sit in her gorgeous car(s)

Sometimes we laugh at someone's dream
just to find out that we are the one to be laughed at
cos the person manages to achieve his/her dream

at times we are being laughed for dreaming of travelling the world
going after our dream jobs
run for NY marathon
participate in charity work
trying new recipes
changing our hairstyles
or just being our true selves

You just got to dream a order to live more

So go on..dream a lot of dreams
one day, they will no longer remain to be just your dreams

So keep on dreaming your dreams....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Working hard or working smart

My best friend says I work too hard
but fail to work smart
I am blessed(or cursed) to be frank
I find it hard to do things that I dislike
It is a chore for me to be with people I detest
God helps me if I am forced to do things that I hate
I couldn't feign anything
I do things that I like
It's easy for me to say No than Yes
So I have to work hard ..rather than work smart

Happy Birthday Sis!

My sister will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow
She has all
Beauty, Brain and Heart

When we were kids, knowing little time we had together
the time spent was precious
We spent the time playing and dreaming
making the chaotic times little bit better

we grew up of course
my sister turns up to be a really fine lady
she keeps the tab on everybody
she opens her heart
she forgives the sins of the past
she plans for family events
she is one hell of a lady

I remember while I have starry dreams in my eyes
she keeps her feet on the ground
all she wants is a home and a family
Today she has a happy home and loving family
I still have wanderlust
I still forget people's birthdays

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finally.. I am a writer

Two days ago, I received a much-anticipated book
One of the books that I co-write is published
That means I am now officially a writer
I can't stop grinning and smiling
..I am a writer

Looking at the book, I remember the hours I stared at the computer screen
racking my brain for captivating ideas
trying to construct interesting sentences
pretending to be an intellectual
hours of editing and rewriting the book
months of anticipating
and it is here ..

The writers had the unofficial signing event
no photographer taking our pictures
Just us ...
making jokes on one another

I am glad as this has been a dream comes true
It started when I was small
My sister and I sold our first magazine for 20 cent per issue
The magazine contained of pages of pictures taken from my late aunt's Avon catalogs
I was the official writer and editor
My sister was in charge of marketing and layout
Her job was to sell and persuade our friends to buy our magazines
We managed to sell some

Looking back at that memory
I knew back then I wanted to be a writer
I just took a long time to be one....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Handbags= Hard Work

Guess boutiques used to scare me off
cos back then the bags were damn expensive
and the salespersons were too posh
and I am no Ms Posh

three years ago I walked into a Guess Boutique to buy my first Guess handbag
I was so scared as I was clutching my torn RM49.90 handbag
and the salesgirls were nice
I walked out with my new purchase which left me poorer of RM200
I had the most expensive handbag in the world.. so I thought

Then I had my Coach and LV
Still I have my first Guess handbag and all the bags..
Those are the reminders of my hard work

If you have it easier
If someone pay for all your branded stuff
They are just stuff of the present
when seasons change, they will be replaced

Thing is if you don't work hard for it..You won't appreciate it
If you work hard for it, it does matter..
They are your testament of hardwork

Friday, January 7, 2011

Life is tiring

Life is tiring says my young friend....

Life is tiring for the young
Life is thriving for the not-so-young

The young they can't wait to grow older
so they could pay the income tax
pay for their own bills
pay for all the worries of the world

The not-so-young can't wait to be younger
they keep on purchasing or searching for the fountain of youth
be it fast car
trophy wives/hubby
fashionable addresses etc

To the young not will be old soon
To the not-so-young..worry not..youth can be purchased

till then when life tires you
take a deep breath
thank God
it's a blessing to be alive

Life is beautiful...

Bring me there..again

It was a dream
It becomes a reality

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

There is no Zebra don't cross zebra crossing

Last time I check, There was no zebra in Malaysia
so if there is no zebra
heed my advice
do not cross zebra crossing in Malaysia

Notice how Malaysian drivers eagerly press their gas pedal especially once they see people crossing zebra crossing
they don't stop for you
or for zebra crossing
they would only stop if they see a zebra
or you being knocked down by their cars long as there is zebra crossing
do not cross long as you are in Malaysia

Monday, January 3, 2011

of dreams, weddings, engagement and holiday

Chasing dreams in 2011 just like 2010
it is going to be fun
it is going to be exciting
at times it is darn tiring and frustrating
but when it is achieved, all that matters is the dream is achievable
though how unbelievable it was in the beginning

The family is planning a wedding and an engagement this year
knowing the Malay wedding , it is as it is
I am waiting for a wedding that is too cool
where I can wear a pair of jeans and t-shirt
having great time being with lovely people
kinda like a holiday
not my kind of holiday
the kind of holiday you just laze around
soaking the great energy you get around great people
the kind of weddings I would never be invited to

this wedding this engagement this holiday, these dreams
this year
going to be great
with great people
with great details
with great hope
with great dreams

Take A Peek

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