Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finally.. I am a writer

Two days ago, I received a much-anticipated book
One of the books that I co-write is published
That means I am now officially a writer
I can't stop grinning and smiling
..I am a writer

Looking at the book, I remember the hours I stared at the computer screen
racking my brain for captivating ideas
trying to construct interesting sentences
pretending to be an intellectual
hours of editing and rewriting the book
months of anticipating
and it is here ..

The writers had the unofficial signing event
no photographer taking our pictures
Just us ...
making jokes on one another

I am glad as this has been a dream comes true
It started when I was small
My sister and I sold our first magazine for 20 cent per issue
The magazine contained of pages of pictures taken from my late aunt's Avon catalogs
I was the official writer and editor
My sister was in charge of marketing and layout
Her job was to sell and persuade our friends to buy our magazines
We managed to sell some

Looking back at that memory
I knew back then I wanted to be a writer
I just took a long time to be one....

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