Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome Back Ms Moscow

My dear niece is here in warm Malaysia
escaping from the worst winter in Moscow
I know she will miss her Russian fridge
I believe she will visit her shopping malls
I trust her friends will be willing to ferry her everywhere she wants to go
Her family members will try their best to ensure her of great hospitality
Trust me..she is that adorable

Lucky her..she has two parents who love her very much
and could afford to support her wishes
She just went to Moscow last June
Now she is back here..go figure

I told her
she has great responsibilities
to God
to her parents
to her country
to herself
to be the best that she can..not to be folly
as she is very lucky
to fool around with that kind of brain and charm is a waste

I'm not sure whether at 20..she will comprehend this..I pray she does
Welcome Back Ms Moscow
You never leave our hearts anyway...

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