Saturday, January 22, 2011

Having dreams

The beauty of having dreams is to have an escapism
there should be a haven for you to seek refuge
in your chaotic life that makes you feel better
these dreams keep you sane
these dreams strengthen you
it could be the dream of providing your loved one protection
or the escapade to an exotic island
or knowing you will someday be in your own home

I am one of those people who have too many dreams
people say I want too much ..I ought to dream a little and live more
My friend dreams of driving R8 or having a lamborghini in her garage
do we declare of her being seriously insane?
or just patiently wait for the day to sit in her gorgeous car(s)

Sometimes we laugh at someone's dream
just to find out that we are the one to be laughed at
cos the person manages to achieve his/her dream

at times we are being laughed for dreaming of travelling the world
going after our dream jobs
run for NY marathon
participate in charity work
trying new recipes
changing our hairstyles
or just being our true selves

You just got to dream a order to live more

So go on..dream a lot of dreams
one day, they will no longer remain to be just your dreams

So keep on dreaming your dreams....

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