Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Food & The Party

Thanks to my bff and our loyal friends. Great time, great company and great food.
I am grateful for all.

Cheezy chicken

Fish and chip

Chicken Chop

Steam boat and cakes

Banana Boat

Party favor & Lucky draw

The Cakes

I love cakes and trying new cakes.Thank God there are people who love baking great cakes .

The Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cake

Cheese Marble Brownie

Verdict : The cakes are sinfully delicious.

Laksa Ikan Sekoq, Alor Setar

Could you see the fish ?

Heavenly laksa .We will go back again and again.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Birthday Gift(s)

What do you want for your birthday ?
World Peace 

and CASH ( Lots & Lots & Lots ) so I could contribute to the world economy ..hahahaha


Happy birthday to You..Moscow
Happy Birthday to MEEEE..................

Since I am totally obsessed with handbags, I want to have a handbag cake .Thank God that I am not an octopus.I only have two hands.Being generous, I am sharing with you these cakes.I really want my handbag cake or I just want a handbag .Could I bear eating the cake or could I bear sharing my handbag cake with people?So let's dream for a while .

It's a cake , just don't eat my bag
We can eat and travel..I like!

Chanel in my dream

Chanel ooo chanel

Duh..these pictures make me hungry.I order my cakes online.My two favourite bakers are  and They are really nice people and bake great cakes.

A friend asked me how do I feel about my birthday.Frankly I am grateful I am still alive and being very blessed.I have the greatest bff, great friends and the best family.I have nephews and nieces to terrorize even though we are so far away (thank God..for facebook ).I have a great life.I have come a long way.Phew.......

So on the topic of being grateful, I hope the birthday girl in Moscow will be grateful for the refrigerator she owns now and for having the parents who love her enough not to let her go hungry in that foreign country.
Live and learn girl!

So I like to Thank All of you .


If in doubt...

In climbing the scale of success, we face opportunities, obstacles and opponents .
At times we find ourselves in doubt and in need of hard quick decisions
Sometimes we need to leave our friends and foes behind
At times we are seduced by the need of deceits
Sometimes we yield to desire
If we are blessed , we have loyal friends who keep us grounded

In the end, ask yourself 
is it worth it ?
Is it really worth it?

A life of my own

I lead a simple life 
with my easy code of honour/dishonour (?)
Talk the walk
Walk the talk
I talk less
so I walk more

Friday, October 15, 2010

For the love of Food

Ikan Tiga Rasa

KFC Arau

Tomyam Putih Campur

Nasi Goreng Paprik Pedas 

Musim Haji Tiba Lagi

The hardworking Tabung Haji staff 

Burger Cafe , Seriab,Perlis

We had roti john (why john..why not joe..why not abdul?why..why .
Roti john tasted just like roti telur .We were pretty disappointed.However, the Burger cafe redeemed itself by  above average lamb chop at RM10 with great gravy.We forgot to snap the picture of the lamb chop.In addition, the nice disposition of the little cashier  won our hearts.However, the owner should clean the counter and do remember the baby bottle on the counter doesn't reflect professionalism of the cafe .


Dear Thoughtless Woman,

I understand that you are busy and you need to rush.You don't have time to park your car properly.
You are a special customer .You dress nicely and you even put make up. You invest in your look .We get it .
But it is about time to invest in your manner and to be thoughtful.Just learn to park properly and think about others. Just stop being thoughtless and lazy.

Thank you.


Another busy customer

Hotel Seri Malaysia Perlis..(Soon to be opened)

New baby in town ..
Hotel Seri Malaysia Perlis is still under constructions.It is located next to Dewan 2020 Perlis.From the front, the hotel looks small but it is larger if you look from Dewan 2020.The building looks beautiful and Perlis really needs a new hotel which will give existing hotels a run for their money and customers ample of choices.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Runaway babies

Dear Runaway babies,

Running is tiring and expensive.You need to have the stamina, a good sense of directions, lots of plans and money.Once you run , you have to keep on running .Once you run, you got to have plans on the support plan.Food is expensive out there.Life is hard out there.There are actually people who could make you their ticket to wealth.You just got to watch out for yourself.It is hard to do so especially when you are too young to fend for yourself.Running away is a hard habit to break .Once you start running, you will always find ways to run again whenever you face the problem.Start facing your problem.Learn to deal and solve your problem.Start to learn.Perhaps you will find running is just for babies not for you, the braveheart.

If I can't drive your car, I can always scratch your beautiful car

If we see someone drives a better car than ours,
the proper action is it should encourage us to work harder
so we could drive a car like that or much better cars
the improper action is without the owner's knowledge, we leave our mark on that beauty
by scratching the car
I guess there are people who adopt this adage:

If I can't drive your car, I can always scratch your beautiful car

I just don't understand why some people can't deal seeing people doing well properly
We should be glad when people are doing well.....

Will civil servants in Malaysia get 10% salary increase?

Is that true ?
We shall know once the budget 2011 is announced tomorrow.
or the the 2 month allowance ?
All shall be revealed tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The rights for choices

It is all about rights and choices
people would emphasize
they have the rights for certain choices
as the lives they are leading are theirs

I would agree on such argument

people have rights over their choices
but when others around them make their choices
they too have to agree that others have the rights to do so 

why do they have to disagree ?
Simply because others' choices are not theirs..

You make choices
I make choices
Let it be 
Be merry

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Sights of Amsterdam

 and the best kebab I have ever tasted .

Cobbled Streets and Stonehenge

Cobbled streets of European cities
A pair of snug sneakers
A year of painful toe
A lesson to learn
Never to walk
on cobbled streets of European cities
in a pair of snug sneakers

Books lull me to faraway places.I dreamed of strange places with names I couldn't pronounce or spell. I knew these places so well as I was there as I read about these places.Somehow I promised day I would go to these places .Somehow I did go there and re-visit these places I knew dearly and remembered clearly as the day I travelled to these places in the books I read.So when I visited Stonehenge, it was like visiting an old friend.It is indeed an ancient friend.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The memoirs of the Sunset

Thinking about how beautiful the sunset was at a distant island and how lucky I was to be able to be there. Knowing I miss to appreciate today's sunset as I was too involved in today's task.Sometimes we refuse to celebrate the moment as we are too focussed on our tasks . Celebrate the moment.The list can wait!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lazy saturday..

 Too lazy too get out of the house.
The crabs were in the fridge
The chicken was lonely in the small old fridge
The stove kept screaming for some attention
The stomach growled...
So the fire was set and we fried the crabs and the chickens
We were so guilty...of the oily fried food

Darn......They are YUmmyyyy!

Take A Peek

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