Thursday, June 2, 2011

Farieza and Other Precious Students

Looking at my students, I consider myself as being so blessed.I am constantly reminded of how unique and special they are.Some of them might not be the Einstein at the moment but they do have the potential to be the best of who they can be.They are playful yet they work hard. I am so proud of them .I could see how special each one is . Reading Farieza's entry, I am sad.I am lucky to have her in my class for one semester yet I know she is a really talented person.She is a creative, enterprising and thoughtful clever girl. I always think that this girl is going to have a bright future.Furthermore she is so happy and it makes me happier . Dear Farieza, keep on working hard and I am so proud of you.I am sure your beloved ones are proud of you too.Just be you ! You are impressive !


  1. Miss. Thanks a lot. I'm crying while reading this post. Thanks for everything. I am the one that feel so lucky to have u as my lecturer. U are still alive in my heart although u didn't teach me anymore. Once u stay in my heart, u will stay forever. ;) Lots of love from me.


  2. For every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. ;-)


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