Thursday, June 16, 2011

Suave Hairstylist with Fedora Hat

I have a confession to make.I am supposed to write my assigned chapters for our upcoming book.However I am having a writer's block.That sounds so grand.The fact is I am full and sleepy.I did eat Tomyam Pizza at Huski.The pizza looked so large in the menu but in real life, it was small.Thankfully, it was delicious.The grandest saloon at C-mart is surely the saloon opposite of Huski.The hairstylist  was suave and slick with his grey hair tucked under his fedora hat. We had no choice but to stare at the mysterious hairstylist at that grand saloon as we waited  for our meal.Looking at dreamy eyes of my bff , I realised that my bff dreamed of cutting her hair at that grand saloon.I am going to tell PP about that suave hairstylist in fedora hat who wore dark glasses at night at the grandest hair saloon in C-Mart.

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