Saturday, June 18, 2011

Essentials of Professional English - 2nd Print

I just received the books last few days.Next week, I will give the books to my students.Some of my students did ask whether they could use their seniors' books.I told them that they have to buy new ones.They could use the book for a long time.The book only costs RM33.I am happy to say the book undergone the second print. With every published book, there are so many untold stories which would make great dinner tales.I am sure the authors did go through a lot of time-consuming countless editing , rewriting and printing.Publishing a book sometimes take a long time  for a book to be published. After the book is published, it is time to sell the book.I learn not to be timid and to be more assertive in order to sell the book.Even though some people could be nicer.This is when family members and friends are important.They would show support by buying books that they won't read if not written by you.Whenever I look at the book, I am proud of realizing my dream of writing and publishing this book.I am extremely glad that my friends did join in this crazy dream.Now the dream is a reality.

Lesson of the day : Dreams can be realities.

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