Friday, June 10, 2011

Selamat Hari Jadi Mak

Today is my mother's birthday ! Knowing my siblings read this blog, they would report to my mother about this post.My sibling and I have this funny competition trying to be on the top my mother's favourite people. We are happy if we are in the top five and enjoy trying to beat  one another for my mother's attention. This  Mother's Day, I got the top spot for sending her the most glamorous card .Everyone was saying I was trying to play office politics with my mom.I really got to practice with someone so why not I try it with my mom.Today, my little brother ;who is not so little anymore, got the first prize for being the first one to wish my mom on her birthday . Who is to be blamed? The fault obviously lies with the  birthday woman . She is a kind of mother who makes all her children think they are her favourite ones.Her favourite mantra would be , ` I love all of you equally '. It is proven every single day of her life.Thank you Mak.I learn a lot from you. I learn that I have to be as great as you are which is a really tall order.

I love you a lot.

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