Thursday, June 9, 2011

Talking about the truths

Since talking about the truths is the talk of the day, I have no choice but to adhere to the rule. In my family, somehow I always get the honour to be the messenger to tell the truth that nobody wants to do.Sometimes I did that in order to avoid foreseeable disasters.I am sharing a secret with all of you now.I was the self-elected Queen of Truths.I ruled my court with wisdom and bitter truths.As I grew older and wiser, I did question my reign as the Messenger of  Truths. Being in this business is no fun at all as you are a great friend in need but when tough times pass, you find yourselves you have more empty seats in your court of Truths. Nobody loves plain bitter truth when Joy & Merriment abound.It is time to be happy and merry ! You are needed in time of need not in time of enjoyment.So like my predecessors, I got tired of empty seats in spring and summer  and attentive audience during winter and fall. I left my throne of  Truths. I am no longer interested in anyone's truths.I am just obsessed with my truths.


  1. unlike me, i can't tell the truth.. I only tell the truth when i don't know whether or not lie would serve me better.


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