Thursday, June 16, 2011

You got Hacked !

My friend told me just now her computer is being hacked.She was surfing the internet and suddenly there was a sentence on her screen stating..You got Hacked !We can do what you can do ! ( of cuz we can't do moron!)

If she is a famous personality , I could really understand the interest to know her.I am sure you read about how Abby Abadi Facebook was hacked.Abby Abadi is a famous actress in Malaysia.However she is an ordinary person like all of us.We are ordinary internet users and we do a lot of work using the net.I just couldn't condone hackers anymore.In the past they seemed so cool and trendy.They were mysterious .Nowadays these hackers seem like invisible pirates lurking in the cyberspace waiting for innocent net users.I think hackers are like bullies.They prey upon the innocent and the naive. If they are very professional and braver, they would go against people with the same level of expertise or better than them.When they are exercising their craft on someone who is beneath their skills like yours truly, they are no better than cowardly bullies ..or they have nothing else to do !

I am sure that one day you will pay for what you do..hackers! Beware !


  1. i have deactivated my fb account, little bit worried about the email ac tho.


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