Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are you a Tiger Mother?

Battle Hymns of The Tiger Mother by Amy Chua has aroused interests from mothers and parents around the world.I knew about the book when I began reading blog entries written about Tiger Mothers.It is interesting to notice that modern parents reflect whether they practice good  parenting skills and whether these skills are adequate to raise their growing children.I am not a parent so I won't say much about parenting skills. I learn not to criticise any parenting style. I dare not. In my opinion , as long as your children are well-balanced individuals, then you are doing okay. It matters not whether you are heavily influenced by western or eastern parenting skills. It is always interesting to see how mothers can be tigers when they are protecting their children.I work with young minds who idolize their parents. These adorable minds are adored by their parents. Occasionally I did come across painful glances and brave smiles trying hard to hide painful experiences.On some occasions, tears freely flow from angelic young faces.I tried to reason with these young hearts on the actions of their parents. I tried to make them see the other side of the argument.It is easier to talk rationally especially when we are not involved.I always ask them to talk to their parents. Before we can talk to all these young minds, we got to listen first. Are we good listeners ?

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