Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kerana Mata (R Azmi)

My dad would be proud of me today.I finally could listen to one of his favourite songs . My parents love listening to old songs together after dinner.Our house is not a mansion so the songs could be heard at every corner of the house.My siblings and I knew we were in torture chamber for at least an hour.We would grumble and complain to our parents.However our complaints would fall on deaf ears as they would carry on their tradition.

Grants, Mr Mus & Passion

In academia, securing grants is essential. By having more money to spend make one's research easier.The money can be used for travelling expenses, conducting data collection and others.The workshop and talk today was conducted by our research sifu, Mr Mus.I have heard him talk about research and grants more than two times. Every time it strikes me that he never gets tired talking about these topics as he really enjoys his work and he is so passionate about his research.I do learn a lot of things today and most of all I learn not to give up and take chances.I realise I want to be as passionate as he is in my area of interests.Thank you Mr Mus for a great job and your wisdom.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Terkenang Masa Dulu

Burn Baby Burn

Never stand in between someone who is relentlessly pursuing his/her happiness.Trust me about that matter. In the age of Facebook , old flames are easily connected and rekindled. A male friend is confused in the matter of the heart. He claims he is extremely contented with his wife and lovely children.However he has a major problem.He just met his first love through Facebook.Somehow the encounter got him thinking about his present contentment and future happiness.Naturally he is confused of his wants.So he seeks help and wisdom from his friends.Should he forget or rekindle his first love? Should he forget his pledge to his wife and children? Should I tell him to follow his heart ?Should I just call his wife and tell her nothing but the truth? Over the years, I learn that it is a folly to stand in between a person and his happiness. How could a glorious present loses to the past failure? How could a man compares a beautiful wife and adorable children with a failing former girlfriend ? Can he turn a failed relationship to a successful one now ?Would he change a successful relationship to a failing one ? What say you?

New Skills?

I am impressed that one of my colleagues is learning how to sew.She is very dedicated as she never misses any of her sewing classes.I know that she is going to be a great tailor.My bff confesses that she loves to learn to cook western cuisine and bake delicious cakes.Knowing her, she will master in all.I have no interest in taking sewing classes as I had attended one  before.I did sew my own baju kurung.I will pay for my tailor to sew my clothes as sewing is time-consuming task and I am too lazy. I am not interested in cooking classes as I rather pay the chef to cook for me. It keeps me thinking what are the skills I am interested to learn.Then it hits me.I just remember this Tuesday , I will be attending a one day research workshop . Hopefully I will be able to improve my research skills.I guess one man's meat is another man's poison.The most important thing is we got to learn new skills or improve our existing skills in order to be relevant.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Active holiday vs Relaxing beach holiday

Reading other blogs make me realise. I need my holiday badly.Then when I am on holiday, I could never relax.I could never sit on a beach lounge looking at the sea and reading a book.I am too restless.My type of holiday is filling it with loads of activities. I would only return to my hotel room for sleep.Sometimes I had to be dragged to the hotel as my travelling partner needed rest.Perhaps, this time I need to really have a relaxing holiday . Then again, whenever I am on holiday, I am always on the move. However, I will try to have a relaxing beach holiday ...one day.
Santorini Island , Greece

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Selamat Hari Bapa (Happy Father's Day)

My father is a great man.He is a good man.This sounds like a school essay.But he is like any father any child would wish to write in their essays about their fathers.My father is a devoted grandfather . His grandchildren would testify that.He is a good brother to his sisters.He would ferry them to their destinations in his old car.My father tolerates and encourages our pursuits of happiness.Most importantly, he sets a very high standard for all of us especially his sons.They got to be great fathers too..Good-luck!

Selamat Hari  Bapa, Abah !

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Essentials of Professional English - 2nd Print

I just received the books last few days.Next week, I will give the books to my students.Some of my students did ask whether they could use their seniors' books.I told them that they have to buy new ones.They could use the book for a long time.The book only costs RM33.I am happy to say the book undergone the second print. With every published book, there are so many untold stories which would make great dinner tales.I am sure the authors did go through a lot of time-consuming countless editing , rewriting and printing.Publishing a book sometimes take a long time  for a book to be published. After the book is published, it is time to sell the book.I learn not to be timid and to be more assertive in order to sell the book.Even though some people could be nicer.This is when family members and friends are important.They would show support by buying books that they won't read if not written by you.Whenever I look at the book, I am proud of realizing my dream of writing and publishing this book.I am extremely glad that my friends did join in this crazy dream.Now the dream is a reality.

Lesson of the day : Dreams can be realities.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

You got Hacked !

My friend told me just now her computer is being hacked.She was surfing the internet and suddenly there was a sentence on her screen stating..You got Hacked !We can do what you can do ! ( of cuz we can't do anything..you moron!)

If she is a famous personality , I could really understand the interest to know her.I am sure you read about how Abby Abadi Facebook was hacked.Abby Abadi is a famous actress in Malaysia.However she is an ordinary person like all of us.We are ordinary internet users and we do a lot of work using the net.I just couldn't condone hackers anymore.In the past they seemed so cool and trendy.They were mysterious .Nowadays these hackers seem like invisible pirates lurking in the cyberspace waiting for innocent net users.I think hackers are like bullies.They prey upon the innocent and the naive. If they are very professional and braver, they would go against people with the same level of expertise or better than them.When they are exercising their craft on someone who is beneath their skills like yours truly, they are no better than cowardly bullies ..or they have nothing else to do !

I am sure that one day you will pay for what you do..hackers! Beware !

Suave Hairstylist with Fedora Hat

I have a confession to make.I am supposed to write my assigned chapters for our upcoming book.However I am having a writer's block.That sounds so grand.The fact is I am full and sleepy.I did eat Tomyam Pizza at Huski.The pizza looked so large in the menu but in real life, it was small.Thankfully, it was delicious.The grandest saloon at C-mart is surely the saloon opposite of Huski.The hairstylist  was suave and slick with his grey hair tucked under his fedora hat. We had no choice but to stare at the mysterious hairstylist at that grand saloon as we waited  for our meal.Looking at dreamy eyes of my bff , I realised that my bff dreamed of cutting her hair at that grand saloon.I am going to tell PP about that suave hairstylist in fedora hat who wore dark glasses at night at the grandest hair saloon in C-Mart.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are you a Tiger Mother?

Battle Hymns of The Tiger Mother by Amy Chua has aroused interests from mothers and parents around the world.I knew about the book when I began reading blog entries written about Tiger Mothers.It is interesting to notice that modern parents reflect whether they practice good  parenting skills and whether these skills are adequate to raise their growing children.I am not a parent so I won't say much about parenting skills. I learn not to criticise any parenting style. I dare not. In my opinion , as long as your children are well-balanced individuals, then you are doing okay. It matters not whether you are heavily influenced by western or eastern parenting skills. It is always interesting to see how mothers can be tigers when they are protecting their children.I work with young minds who idolize their parents. These adorable minds are adored by their parents. Occasionally I did come across painful glances and brave smiles trying hard to hide painful experiences.On some occasions, tears freely flow from angelic young faces.I tried to reason with these young hearts on the actions of their parents. I tried to make them see the other side of the argument.It is easier to talk rationally especially when we are not involved.I always ask them to talk to their parents. Before we can talk to all these young minds, we got to listen first. Are we good listeners ?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Istana Arau - Up Close & Personal

Living in Arau is splendid. We got to enjoy the splendor of  Istana Arau with beautiful lights. It is a beautiful gesture from the Perlis Royal Family.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sam Tsui

I love his voice and talent.Thank you  Sam & Kurt for brightening my world with your talent.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Selamat Hari Jadi Mak

Today is my mother's birthday ! Knowing my siblings read this blog, they would report to my mother about this post.My sibling and I have this funny competition trying to be on the top my mother's favourite people. We are happy if we are in the top five and enjoy trying to beat  one another for my mother's attention. This  Mother's Day, I got the top spot for sending her the most glamorous card .Everyone was saying I was trying to play office politics with my mom.I really got to practice with someone so why not I try it with my mom.Today, my little brother ;who is not so little anymore, got the first prize for being the first one to wish my mom on her birthday . Who is to be blamed? The fault obviously lies with the  birthday woman . She is a kind of mother who makes all her children think they are her favourite ones.Her favourite mantra would be , ` I love all of you equally '. It is proven every single day of her life.Thank you Mak.I learn a lot from you. I learn that I have to be as great as you are which is a really tall order.

I love you a lot.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Talking about the truths

Since talking about the truths is the talk of the day, I have no choice but to adhere to the rule. In my family, somehow I always get the honour to be the messenger to tell the truth that nobody wants to do.Sometimes I did that in order to avoid foreseeable disasters.I am sharing a secret with all of you now.I was the self-elected Queen of Truths.I ruled my court with wisdom and bitter truths.As I grew older and wiser, I did question my reign as the Messenger of  Truths. Being in this business is no fun at all as you are a great friend in need but when tough times pass, you find yourselves you have more empty seats in your court of Truths. Nobody loves plain bitter truth when Joy & Merriment abound.It is time to be happy and merry ! You are needed in time of need not in time of enjoyment.So like my predecessors, I got tired of empty seats in spring and summer  and attentive audience during winter and fall. I left my throne of  Truths. I am no longer interested in anyone's truths.I am just obsessed with my truths.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goofing around...

I was making a fool of myself ( as usual). I told my friends there are two types of lecturers this semester.Those who walk as if they are running out of time and those who walk as if they are blessed with time .Lecturers who teach diploma students belong to the first category definitely. These lecturers really understand how badly their students yearn for holiday as  they too need the rest.When I entered my class, I noticed that my usual energetic students looked really tired. I did ask my students whether they partied till wee hours. Of course I got bewildered looks from my hardworking students.  My students complained that they were tired as they had too many assignments and they had to stay up late till 3 a.m. to complete their assignments. I told my students I pitied them. Ain't it a pity to be young but tired?  I sympathized with them but I told them to accept the fact.They need to manage their time , get involved with study groups and lead a healthy lifestyle.I began to sound like Oprah Winfrey. After spending little time on pep talk, I bullied them into doing some work.The secret about learning is to make it so fun so the students won't realise they are learning something.When they realise they are learning something, the class ends.In the end,everyone wins and I will always have fun.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Halal Homemade Chocolate

This gorgeous entrepreneur can cook and bake well.She makes delicious sandwiches and prepares her own wedding on her own.She learns how to make her own homemade chocolates for her wedding door gifts to the guests. At the same time she is currently pursuing her Masters in Geology. If you are interested to taste her delicious homemade chocolate , please contact her at  0133926292  .

RM 4

RM 4

Lolichoc.. RM0.80 each..

RM 80 (inclusive VIP wood box..)

Ready for booking!!!! call or sms  0133926292  for booking

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Parthenon & The Meal

If you read Greek mythology, you will be impressed by the Parthenon. It is still beautiful and the climb to the top is not hard as you will be inspired by older people who lug along their oxygen tanks to make it to the top.The view is simply awesome.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Farieza and Other Precious Students

Looking at my students, I consider myself as being so blessed.I am constantly reminded of how unique and special they are.Some of them might not be the Einstein at the moment but they do have the potential to be the best of who they can be.They are playful yet they work hard. I am so proud of them .I could see how special each one is . Reading Farieza's entry, I am sad.I am lucky to have her in my class for one semester yet I know she is a really talented person.She is a creative, enterprising and thoughtful clever girl. I always think that this girl is going to have a bright future.Furthermore she is so happy and it makes me happier . Dear Farieza, keep on working hard and I am so proud of you.I am sure your beloved ones are proud of you too.Just be you ! You are impressive !

Take A Peek

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