Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby Q

The latest addition to the clan is Baby Q. Now I am officially a Lola. I could still remember when Baby Q's mom was still a baby . Now she is a mother.How fast time flies ! The great grandmothers are ecstactic as Baby Q will spend a lot of time there. With the internet, we spend a lot of time looking at staring at her pictures uploaded by her Aunt. I am sure Baby Q will be very loved by all of us.

Baby Q

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Ramadan

I hope it is not too late wishing everyone Happy Ramadan everyone.Hopefully we have a fruitful month .
 All the best !

Friday, July 13, 2012

20 by Rizalman

Suffice to say, I went, I saw and I bought.Do I care that thousands of people are wearing the same clothes as mine? Naaahhhhhhhhhhh.......Thanks Rizalman.I feel fabulous at work and I am not saving them for Hari Raya.Right now I am wearing one...and I feel GREAT!

I saw Farieza, Anis , Nazrin , Syakira and Aimi few days ago.They were my former students. I dislike the word former.I always think them as my students . They are on a new exciting journey.Today they will receive  good news of their next journeys. I am sure that they will enjoy their next journey tremendously and I feel blessed I was a part of their life here.Good times are always short but memorable.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It has been ages since I last wrote. A lot happened definitely.I am back to school with lots of reading and work to do.I keep looking at same pages wondering what the heck I am doing at the same time trying hard to comprehend.Old age is catching up and the consolation I could give myself is the wisdom to know there is no other way but to study. Hopefully I have the perseverance to get through this mad path.When the semester opens, I really need to follow my time table coordinating my work and study.

On a happier note, a sister is now a married woman.We had the excitement of having a wedding this year and I pray that this wedding is the only wedding for this year.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yesterday was Mimi's birthday!I did wish her to have a jolly birthday.She keeps saying that she is a grown up now and she knows what and who she wants. I am sure she needs to repeat all these because we keep forgetting she is indeed getting older.I wish you all the best and definitely you deserve your happiness.Just remember there are bad people out there...happy birthday MIMI....

The recent kidnapping bugs me.I just don't care whether it is revenge or the need of money .In the end, the victim is a just a boy and he has a family who loves him.I pray that he will return home safely.The scumbags who kidnap him should be punished severely or just have one of their own kins to be kidnapped.Then they would know how it feels.I feel deeply about this case than the recent event which has taken the nation's attention from the boy's case. The boy must be returned safely for the sake of all of us . We don't want to live where we are so afraid for our kids' safety and our own safety.It just break my heart to read another child being taken from his family.Are we waiting for more children to be taken away before we start doing something.So let us start something today.Start paying attention to our surroundings.Who knows next time we can save a child from this unfortunate fate by sharing what we know.With smart phones and sophisticated phones around , it is funny nobody sees anything.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things we do for love

Looking at SPM leavers who got their SPM results today , just got me in the  mood of thinking about the past and what-ifs.Then I don't think much about the past.It is just nice to see smiling youths with hopes and plans for their future.Things are going to be busy with IID 2012 gearing to go.The publicity people did a superb job as there are 150+ abstracts received which compared to 50 abstracts last year.I expect we will be swamped with work starting from this Friday.This year would be the first year we will be participating as well.It would be fun to see the ideas being contested. There will be a meeting for a  book project next week as we need to finalize the book as the book will be published in September 2012.I just hope the copyright matter will be handled correctly. Don't plan to be an academia if you  plan to be less busy.My little sis plans to get married in August and I need to train someone to iron my raya clothes.In order to be safe, I plan to buy raya clothes that wrinkle less. There are two things I need to write :

1. Happy Belated Birthday Kak Yong Nadiah...
2. Happy Engagement Ema...

and I am waiting for Anyah to buy my  laptop.......

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I rarely write in my blog these days to the disappointment of my sister.She claims she is my number 1 fan or the only fan of this blog.March marches steadily into 2012.I have been too busy.I have been writing continuously but apparently not much in this blog.I am busy promoting  the 2012 SALT International Conference
( and IID Perlis 2012 ( This week is a study week and next week will be the exam week.I have 3 times being the invigilator so I will have time thinking  creative ideas.My first paper will be on 15 Mac . The  days after that will be extremely busy with invigilating  and marking paper, I could only imagine better future smiling at me.IID 2012 will be on 7 April 2012 . I can't wait for the day because it is something new for all of us. After that I am back at reading new possibilities for my research.I need to be single-minded. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Ema


I don't know whether you would read this post but I am sure someone would and the person would tell you.
Happy Birthday from Up North! We love you.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Anyah !

Today is my sister's birthday.I better not miss her birthday or I will be sorry.My sister is an event planner and a family person. She thrives on family events and creates new family traditions.She glues the rest of the family together .Thank God that my parents' new home is small so she can't buy new furniture..anymore. Another thing I realize is that my sister has a big loving and forgiving heart.My sister inherits my mother's generosity  and bubbly personality.She is a people person.Don't even let me talk about her brain.I still remember how super smart she is .In short, those who are lucky enough to know her would embrace the fact she is a very beautiful person.I am lucky to be your sister and part of your life.
Birthday picture taken from Anyah's facebook

Happy Birthday Anyah.....

p/s we finally bought you a present this year !!

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