Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I rarely write in my blog these days to the disappointment of my sister.She claims she is my number 1 fan or the only fan of this blog.March marches steadily into 2012.I have been too busy.I have been writing continuously but apparently not much in this blog.I am busy promoting  the 2012 SALT International Conference
(www.saltconference.wordpress.com) and IID Perlis 2012 ( http://www.perlis.uitm.edu.my/iid/). This week is a study week and next week will be the exam week.I have 3 times being the invigilator so I will have time thinking  creative ideas.My first paper will be on 15 Mac . The  days after that will be extremely busy with invigilating  and marking paper, I could only imagine better future smiling at me.IID 2012 will be on 7 April 2012 . I can't wait for the day because it is something new for all of us. After that I am back at reading new possibilities for my research.I need to be single-minded. 

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