Monday, February 28, 2011

The Pain of Losing

Losing our beloved ones is really painful
I should know that well as I lost my uncles , my grandmothers , granddads and an aunt
It just never gets better
It just hurts
I never get over all of them

My oldest aunt is ill and she is 84 years old
She is getting frail each day and all of us know in our hearts..we have to let go of her day
Everyday I pray that ..please God..I need more days with her alive and well

Do pray for me...

Bisou Bake Shop, KLCC

Imagine delicious cupcakes in your favorite flavors sitting prettily and patiently for you to come and savor these cupcakes.If I am in KLCC right now, I would be heading to one of my favourite places in KLCC which is Bisou Bake Shop.My favourite cupcake is the sinfully rich delectable Red Velvet Cupcake.You can purchase 6 cupcakes for RM25.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar, Perlis

Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar will be operated on 14 Mac 2011
Reservation and Inquiry : TEL: +6049771777
Venue : Next to Dewan 2020, Kangar

Friday, February 25, 2011

50 Blog Malaysia Pilihan InTrend

I got a confession to made..I rarely buy InTrend
It is a fashion magazine for the fashionistas
Today after few minutes of contemplating in front of the bookstore
I grabbed a copy because I wanted to know the address of 50 Malaysian bloggers chosen by InTrend..and in the process of surfing their blogs..

It is great to see so many interesting writers out there.One of my favourite bloggers would be Proudduck('s yours ?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The clothes fom the City

My Mak was excited and eagerly waited for her nieces to return for their monthly balik kampung routine to our kampung from Kuala Lumpur,the city of joy.Her nieces promised to bring bags of goodies containing the cat-off clothes of their city friends. As their favourite aunt, she would get the honour to be the first one to choose.I could still remember how excited she was with the bags of cast-off clothes and how eager we were selecting the clothes for our daily use as in our eyes the clothes were as good as new.

"They must be rich these city people.These clothes are still new .This one could fit you. Go and try'.

I would try gladly hoping that all those clothes fitted me well so I could claim all of them mine.We would try and choose the clothes painstakingly.At the end of the session, all of us have new clothes .The ones we couldn't use ,my Mak would give to others.The cycles continued for many years.My Mak would always be patiently waiting for the clothes from the city.At that time it didn't occur to me, with so many mouths to feed with insufficient fund, my mom wouldn't have the luxury to shop for brand new clothes for her and her family .The money was spent on food and education .We were not rich.

Now we could afford to go on our own shopping sprees.However , the clothes from the City starts a new tradition in my family...recycling our clothes.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Date Rape

Something that we don't talk in our society is rape especially date rape.The latest incident does make me think a lot.Sometimes we just need to say a lot of No's .I know saying No is at times very hard to do so as you will be at risk of losing and hurting people.However, by saying No it could help you. Prevention is better than cure.Do take care of yourselves !

Please read this article:

What Is Date Rape?
When people think of rape, they might think of a stranger jumping out of a shadowy place and sexually attacking someone. But it's not only strangers who rape. In fact, about half of all people who are raped know the person who attacked them. Girls and women are most often raped, but guys also can be raped.

Most friendships, acquaintances, and dates never lead to violence, of course. But, sadly, sometimes it happens. When forced sex occurs between two people who already know each other, it is known as date rape or acquaintance rape.

Even if the two people know each other well, and even if they were intimate or had sex before, no one has the right to force a sexual act on another person against his or her will.

Although it involves forced sex, rape is not about sex or passion. Rape has nothing to do with love. Rape is an act of aggression and violence.

You may hear some people say that those who have been raped were somehow "asking for it" because of the clothes they wore or the way they acted. That's wrong: The person who is raped is not to blame. Rape is always the fault of the rapist. And that's also the case when two people are dating — or even in an intimate relationship. One person never owes the other person sex. If sex is forced against someone's will, that's rape.

Healthy relationships involve respect — including respect for the feelings of others. Someone who really cares about you will respect your wishes and not force or pressure you to have sex.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair

Malaysia Airlines Travel Fair is back with a vengeance.Just imagine these trips :

Taipei(One Way)From MYR629
Denpasar-Bali(One Way)From MYR349
Tokyo Narita(One Way)From MYR909
Perth(One Way)From MYR739
Seoul(One Way)From MYR649
Mumbai(One Way)From MYR459
Istanbul(One Way)From MYR1,439
Sydney(One Way)From MYR1,339

The fares are enough to make me drool! So what are you waiting for ? Purchase your ticket now !

Where to eat halal food in Phnom Penh ?

1. Malaysia Restaurant

#57, St 13, Phsar Chas District, Khan Doun Penh, Phnom Penh.

Tel no - 00855-12254797/00855-11623074/00855-979273256(Tuan Hj Ahmad Noor)
Food ala thai tomyam, nasi goreng, chicken/beef masak merah etc

2. Halal Restaurant - opposite of Malaysia restaurant

3. Mamak's Corner
No 17, Kramuon Sar (St. 114), Phnom Penh, Cambodia

4. D'Wau Restaurant Phnom Penh ,256 Boulevard Preah Monivong, Sangkat Boeung Raing, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Open 7am-11pm. Ground Floor, New York Hotel, Phnom Penh

5. Holiday Villa

Enjoy !

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Wonders from Kulim

Goodbye to all my friends
I am looking forward to meet you again

Last Saturday we went to see the two A.S who hail from Kulim .They were visiting their aunt and grandmother. I would call them Senior A.S and Junior A.S. Senior A.S goes to Smart Reader and entertained us with songs that she learnt there.Mind you she is going to be four . She is so smart.Little A.S was quiet in the beginning but couldn't resist joining in the fun.He wanted to follow us though.That is so sweet.

The beautiful Senior A.S

Senior A.S again

Handsome Little A.S

Beautiful and out for her..

Bread Butter Pudding

Nothing is more tempting than having to be in the same room with newly baked bread butter pudding and its delicious classic custard sauce.Do serve it with slices of banana and a scoop of ice-cream.

The verdict : This bread butter pudding is ready for order.

Malaysian men getting paid for marriages of convenience to foreigners

I just read the news from the Star about how some Malaysian men are paid several thousands for marriages of convenience to women from Vietnam and China.By doing so, these women would be able to stay for a longer time in Malaysia.The marriage usually lasts for two years.This reminds me of marriages of convenience preferred by some people in order to stay longer time in developed nations.I guess this means Malaysia has moved to another step in attempting to be a developed nation.If the news indicates that Malaysia is truly on its way to a developed country, we should be happier.However what does this teach our young ones?How to get money faster? How to cultivate a new cool career?Just imagine every two year , a new wife in tow. Who knows from marriages of convenience would lead to marriages of true love?Whatever it is, I am sure our Immigration Officers are keeping a vigilant eye on all the newly weds especially those with foreign spouses.Good-luck and thanks for making Malaysia a more lucrative and competitive country to live.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'll see you in June

Miss Moscow will soon return to cold Moscow this week. This time I don't think she minds going back there as her boyfriend is studying in Moscow too.I didn't have the time to see her but I will see her again this June. Lucky for her she got loving parents who rather have her in Malaysia than having hard time in Moscow.So I really hope later on she would remember and pay her parents' good deeds. I hope she will study hard this time.Love you babe !

Recipe on the envelope

I reckon that if you love cooking, you would copy recipes even on used envelopes.

Cupcakes of our own

If you love great cupcakes in Perlis, you could try two of my favourite bakers;najah( and nina ( with a new oven in the kitchen, there was no way stopping Ms Chef trying her skills in the kitchen.So we got all the necessary things at Tesco and that particular night we spent time baking and waiting for the cupcakes to be baked.

The verdict : Not good enough to take orders but good enough for our own consumption.

Barbeque (Our Version)

We had the most tasty and delicious barbeque tonight.We grilled chicken, lamb, prawns and sausages and dipped them with Nando's Peri-Peri Essence which was hot and sour.We had beef soup too. It was totally a satisfying meal straight from the grill to our stomach.

A closet poet

A poem from another closet poet :

I love Monday
It's a beginning of a new week
I love Spring
It's a beginning of a new season
I love January
It's beginning of a new year
I just like the beginning
Tho not quite sure how it will end
but I'll keep my faith and moving on
To another new beginning.

(By Spring Lover, February 2011)

How many of us here are closet poets? We love writing or expressing our feelings through poems but are scared to share with others.We are so scared that people judge us or our poems are not good enough for public consumption.We thought that only gifted people are the only poets.I used to be a closet poet.I used to write poems in private.It is no longer the case as last week I submitted our poems to be published.Whether these poems are published are questionable but the first step of sharing our poems was taken.For now, I am very happy .

Princess S

Do you want this? Yes..sirrrrrrrrrr
Do you like this?I don't like this..
This is pinkkkk..

There would always be a girl that is utterly adorable and charming who warms your heart every time you see her.In my case, the little girl is Princess S.Due to geographical reasons, I wouldn't be able to see her as much as I like .She stays in the most fashionable area and yet she is totally not spoilt.The credit goes to her creative mum .She is just a much-loved adorable princess.She is going to be three years old yet she is darn clever.Her mum will start blogging soon so I guess I just have to put her picture in my blog first.See you when I see you, Princess S.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Barbeque Everyone ?

Do you like to have a barbeque at your home ? Obviously there are two versions.

Version A

Version B

..and there is the barbeque for lazybones.

The place where I don't feel guilty for not doing any work and where everyone can just focus on great time ..The Seoul Garden.


Everytime I see Cornetto ice-cream, I would be reminded of my childhood.I studied at a boarding school so every school holiday I would go back to my kampung.My little brother was my companion at my grandma's house.I had allowance at the hostel so I would save some money because I could treat my brother to some ice-cream.Not any brand but it had to be our favorite Cornetto. Cornetto to vilage kids like us was a luxury item.My brother would be so excited whenever I told him..A*** , I had some money for you to buy us two Cornettos.He would race to the village shop with his bicycle excitedly and I would wait for him patiently .When he came back with two Cornetto, we would hide ourselves at the veranda from other people.We would enjoy eating our ice-cream .A*** would look at me and say ; 'This is the best ice-cream.Thanks.' I would then thought I was the best sister in the world.Our love affair with Cornetto continued until we grew up.I have my taste of Baskin Robbin, Haagen Dasz, Starbuck and other great ice-cream.Of course A*** could afford to have his own choices.Somehow the memories of saving money for Cornetto , making my little brother happy and the great taste of ice-cream are priceless.They make me delude myself into thinking I am a great sister..hahahahaha

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Novitec's Rosso Race 606

I totally heart this car.What do you think?Lets dream for a while.Who knows someone here would be able to drive it in the near future.However, I wonder how this car survives with bumpers along the road? How are we going to stop ourselves from driving more than the allowed speed limit? Wonder never ceases for those who can't afford the car!For those who can, they just buy and enjoy!

Kelisa FL

Today we sent my beloved Kelisa for face lift.My Kelisa has been dented and scratched for a long time.I thought it has character though I might be biased.It is an old trusty car and my relatives wonder why I still drive the car proudly.The car has character.We went to several workshops and finally we chose the one that promises great work with a cheaper price.The owner promises that the car will have new paint and there will be no more dents.The reason for the new look cos I want to sell my beloved Kelisa.It is only rational to do so as the house I am living now could only accommodate Mr- Swanky alone.The others have to be left under the harsh sun ray, rain and dust.I might be letting go my Kelisa but I will buy new gold sport rims for it first.Yummy!

A state is Perlis, A country is Malaysia

The difference between a state and a country :

A state = Perlis

States = Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor

A country = Malaysia

Countries = Thailand, Malaysia,Singapore , Indonesia

Zebra crossing

Something that I like to share regarding zebra crossing :

Zebra crossings are black and white stripes from one side of the road to the other, just like a zebra.
Traffic should stop if drivers see you waiting to cross.
Wait on the pavement until all the traffic has stopped.
When it is safe to do so, walk straight across the crossing.
Make sure you keep looking and listening for traffic as you cross.
If the zebra crossing has a traffic island in the middle, you must treat this as two crossings.

( aspx)

I WAS in Australia some time ago. While trying to cross a road, traffic stopped for us at a zebra crossing. This happened every time we crossed the road.
My son marvelled at the politeness of Australian drivers. I told him that it was the law that all drivers must give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings.

My son said Malaysian drivers did not do that. "Is the law different here?" he asked.

I told him the law applies here, too.

Back in Petaling Jaya one day, while crossing the road, I decided to test my son's theory. I stood at the side of the zebra crossing.

Cars zoomed by. I must have stood there for more than a minute and not a single car stopped. I edged further out onto the road. Still no one stopped. Not only did the cars not slow down, they just zoomed by without noticing me, the pedestrian, nor the zebra crossing.

I tried this experiment four times at different parts of the town. Only once did a car stop for me; not because, I think, of the zebra lines, but more out of kindness at seeing a woman trying to cross the road.

There are kind drivers who would stop to let pedestrians cross the road even though not at pedestrians crossings but most drivers just zoom by with no regard for the white (yellow) and black lines. Even police patrol cars do not stop.

I think it's time the authorities did something about traffic rule compliance.

I also wish we can have more policemen patrolling on foot.

Sungai Buloh,

In my opinion, if there is a zebra crossing, we should adhere to the rule.Respect the pedestrians.

Take A Peek

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