Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kelisa FL

Today we sent my beloved Kelisa for face lift.My Kelisa has been dented and scratched for a long time.I thought it has character though I might be biased.It is an old trusty car and my relatives wonder why I still drive the car proudly.The car has character.We went to several workshops and finally we chose the one that promises great work with a cheaper price.The owner promises that the car will have new paint and there will be no more dents.The reason for the new look cos I want to sell my beloved Kelisa.It is only rational to do so as the house I am living now could only accommodate Mr- Swanky alone.The others have to be left under the harsh sun ray, rain and dust.I might be letting go my Kelisa but I will buy new gold sport rims for it first.Yummy!

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