Friday, February 18, 2011


Everytime I see Cornetto ice-cream, I would be reminded of my childhood.I studied at a boarding school so every school holiday I would go back to my kampung.My little brother was my companion at my grandma's house.I had allowance at the hostel so I would save some money because I could treat my brother to some ice-cream.Not any brand but it had to be our favorite Cornetto. Cornetto to vilage kids like us was a luxury item.My brother would be so excited whenever I told him..A*** , I had some money for you to buy us two Cornettos.He would race to the village shop with his bicycle excitedly and I would wait for him patiently .When he came back with two Cornetto, we would hide ourselves at the veranda from other people.We would enjoy eating our ice-cream .A*** would look at me and say ; 'This is the best ice-cream.Thanks.' I would then thought I was the best sister in the world.Our love affair with Cornetto continued until we grew up.I have my taste of Baskin Robbin, Haagen Dasz, Starbuck and other great ice-cream.Of course A*** could afford to have his own choices.Somehow the memories of saving money for Cornetto , making my little brother happy and the great taste of ice-cream are priceless.They make me delude myself into thinking I am a great sister..hahahahaha

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