Sunday, February 20, 2011

Malaysian men getting paid for marriages of convenience to foreigners

I just read the news from the Star about how some Malaysian men are paid several thousands for marriages of convenience to women from Vietnam and China.By doing so, these women would be able to stay for a longer time in Malaysia.The marriage usually lasts for two years.This reminds me of marriages of convenience preferred by some people in order to stay longer time in developed nations.I guess this means Malaysia has moved to another step in attempting to be a developed nation.If the news indicates that Malaysia is truly on its way to a developed country, we should be happier.However what does this teach our young ones?How to get money faster? How to cultivate a new cool career?Just imagine every two year , a new wife in tow. Who knows from marriages of convenience would lead to marriages of true love?Whatever it is, I am sure our Immigration Officers are keeping a vigilant eye on all the newly weds especially those with foreign spouses.Good-luck and thanks for making Malaysia a more lucrative and competitive country to live.


  1. sighhhh!!..
    our men r getting stupid hehehe

  2. They have choices.All of us love choices.


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