Monday, February 7, 2011

If only they have McDonald's in Perlis

Whenever I travel to foreign lands, there is a familiar landmark that makes me feel at home.That landmark is the famous McDonald's Arch.It doesn't matter whether the Arch is in Alor Setar or in Athens.It is still the McDonald's we know and grow up with.It is the same McDonald's that the young people in Perlis badly need.They just don't understand why in a state that is full of young people and McDonald's hungry fans , there is no McDonald's .Try to explain this situation to these people whose first solid food could be the McDonald's french fries .
They were being fed in their strollers,played the slides,celebrated their birthdays and had their first dates there.Most would continuously have their celebrated events there.Some dream of having their weddings there.Suddenly , they are thrown in a place that has no McDonald's.It's like snatching away a security blanket from a child which tortures the poor child.Looking at the deprived youth who grow up with McDonald's , I would say it is in fact torturing to be in Perlis..the land-of-no-McDonald's though it is the land-of-cheap-local-food.

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