Friday, February 11, 2011

The world of Perhaps..

For some of us moving away from our comfort zone is indeed scary.So we go on ordering the same food for our meals.We drive the same route to work and as creatures of habit we do same things every single day.One day we wake up wondering why life is dull and mundane.We end up blaming other people for dull life we call ours.We blame the fact that we live in Perlis.We have nothing to do here.No mall to hang out.No decent mamak restaurant to sip our teh tarik.No Starbuck to sip delicious coffee.We wonder why the birds and the snakes are having the joy of their lives living here.We blame everything and everyone for having not enough excitement in our lives except our selves.Why is that so? Perhaps by putting a blame on others, we don't have to take a good look at ourselves.Perhaps if we look very hard at ourselves, we might not like what we see.Perhaps there is nothing much to see.That is why we need something or someone to be blamed!

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