Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sally Lee Qian Chun

I am pretty upset over the death of Sally Lee Qian Chun. She was the troubled Form 5 girl who jumped to her death. Apparently she posted her intention to commit suicide and to my horror some of her Facebook friends somehow encouraged her to do so.She did just that by doing that in her school.The experts say that before someone wants to commit suicide they would give cries of help.In Sally's case , she did cry for help.Unfortunately her cry for help went to the wrong authority. Unfortunately we failed in Sally's case.Are we going to fail again in the future? Look like we are gong to keep repeating the mistakes as we as Malaysians do have the habit of sweeping under the carpet as it is not in our culture to talk about committing suicide.We think it would never happen in our Malay culture as we have been taught about the sins of killing oneself.We are not taught to talk and handle it properly.We need to realise it is high time for us to talk about this matter.If you are depressed, please seek help from the right authority. Seek help from parents, relatives, doctors , friends, teachers and counselors.Be responsible.Value life.

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