Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Escalator, travelator and Walking

Do you walk today? Of course you do.A friend confided in me that she wished that there is a travelator and escalator abound so she doesn't have to walk a lot.I just smiled at her.Friendship requires a lot of sacrifices and keeping a straight face most of the times.I love walking as the process of walking keeping my body healthy and my mind active.I would say that most Malaysians don't walk as much as other people in other countries.A cab driver in Victoria Station, London was aghast when we asked him to drive to a hotel we booked.He refused to do so as the distance was too short.We were wondered whether he did not want our money.The kind soul kindly showed us the way to the hotel and we ended up dragging our bags slowly to the hotel for about 20 minutes.In Seoul, we learn an older person with a cane walked faster than us much to our dignity.Even the two year old was forced to walk.So we had no choice but to walk.My best friend thought she was travelling with a nut case as I forced her to walk and climb too many stairs on our way to Seoul Tower.I just got to accept walking is not a norm in our society.We wish that our life is full of travelators and escalators to ease our joy of walking. Perhaps it is something to do with our hot humid weather not due to our sheer laziness.

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