Saturday, February 19, 2011

A closet poet

A poem from another closet poet :

I love Monday
It's a beginning of a new week
I love Spring
It's a beginning of a new season
I love January
It's beginning of a new year
I just like the beginning
Tho not quite sure how it will end
but I'll keep my faith and moving on
To another new beginning.

(By Spring Lover, February 2011)

How many of us here are closet poets? We love writing or expressing our feelings through poems but are scared to share with others.We are so scared that people judge us or our poems are not good enough for public consumption.We thought that only gifted people are the only poets.I used to be a closet poet.I used to write poems in private.It is no longer the case as last week I submitted our poems to be published.Whether these poems are published are questionable but the first step of sharing our poems was taken.For now, I am very happy .

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