Monday, February 14, 2011

Where is Wan's Spicy Roasted Chicken?

Someone asked me where is the place.Wan's Spicy Roasted Chicken is located at Kompleks Perniagaan Tok Arau.It is right behind C-Mart and the same row with D'Kontena.It is green. It is on the other end of the shoplot.Yesterday I did try ketupat and rendang daging.It was nice.

p/s farieza, I hope you find this place.Enjoy!


  1. I went them with my ex schoolmate. She tried nasi lemak while I tried nasi ayam+roasted chicken. Then i ordered extra dishes of chicken such as Ayam Pandan and Popcorn chicken. Delicious espeacially served with their own sauce. Thanks miss!

  2. I tried too, but it's not spicy.. it's sweet.. so i'm gonna call it Wan Sweet Roasted Chicken..

  3. You are right.perhaps we should inform the proprietor about the taste.


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