Thursday, August 25, 2011

My favourite Stall - Ramadan 2011

These two sisters sold their food during this year Pasar Ramadan 2011 in Arau.The food is truly delicious and real cheap.The sellers are lovely and friendly people. I love teasing them whether they did have profit from selling food at such cheaper price.They would always laugh.They are university students and since they have long semester break, they decided to sell food during Ramadan.Today is their last day.According to them, this is the first and last time for them to set up this stall.They are going to buy baju raya after this.These people are definitely going places.I would miss them a lot..and their food.

Two sisters

Delicious Food

Heavenly taste

I did not try rendang petai

  Great Rendang

My Bff's favourite dish

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Selamat Hari Raya & Balik Kampung

I am leaving for my Hari Raya holiday tomorrow.However I haven't packed yet.I hope I would be able to do all tonight.It seems a wishful thinking considering how lazy I am.I am charging my gadgets now so I will be connected.I am trying not to bring a lot of clothes which is very hard to do.I need to learn to be a light traveler.I learnt that my nephew and nieces bake chocolate chip cookies for Eid celebration.It warms my heart as when they were young, we did have fun baking the cookies.I am happy that they remember that. The campus seems deserted as the students are in the mood of celebration as some of them are already at home.I am a little worried about those who ride motorcycles to their destinations as rainy days are here to stay.I did remind them to be careful and get enough rest.These young determined chaps keep on smiling trying their best to indulge me.I am also impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of my students.The students are impressive in their own ways.Sometimes we just have to look harder and be patient.

So have a great time cos I will.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Mek Yah

Mek Yah is celebrating her birthday today.I was kindly reminded by her father last night.Today, I made an effort to call that little girl wishing her a great day. She is still obsessed with her jeans and pink tunic.I wish her all the best and I am sure she knows she is well-loved by her family.Hope we would create great memories together . Don't grow up too fast !

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Next Phone

Imagine being able to have four SIM cards in your phone.You don't have to bring a lot of phones or hide a lot of phones .It is handy for people who have a lot of relationships.Let me introduce my new gadget.This is going to be my next phone.With this phone, I am able to watch tv programs too.

Good neighbour in the midst of noise

My neighbor is renovating his house so there is a lot of noise coming out from the next door house.It has been  a heaven of noise for this week.I thought that during weekend, they would cease the work as people would be spending time at home.  I can't complain though.This is just my rented house.However,the workers have been working diligently.It looks like they would be working tomorrow too.I do mind about the noise though.I am trying patiently to be a good neighbour.Sometimes , it is hard to do so when the noise is too much.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A must have advertisement

Android Froyo in Seoul

During our last trip to Seoul, we did agree on one thing.We wanted to try our trusty Android Froyo in Seoul.We watched Franklin & Bash and Pretty Little Liars in the plane.We did surf the internet using our  trusty Froyo in our room as it could be connected to the wi-fi easily.We did test our Froyo Android 's  durability as we put it in our checked in luggage as we decided to sleep on our return journey.Our Froyo survived our Seoul Trip.We are definitely going to bring it along next time.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Maxtyle must be one of my favourite places in Seoul especially during summer.It has individual little shops with delectable fashion sense where I could wander around these shops for hours.Thank God for my bff who dragged me out of Maxtyle.If I was there on my own, I would buy too many clothes and would spend too much time there.

Firecrackers & The Holy Month

Since the first day of  breaking fast , my housing area has been bombarded by all sorts of firecrackers.The festival usually starts after tarawih prayers .I think that these kids must be rich or are blessed with understanding parents who support their needs to blast this holy month.It is certainly nerve wrecking as I am always surprised by the noise.I keep thinking of all the money wasted on these firecrackers which could be better spent on donating to the poor or other more useful matters.Sometimes, these kids play without adult supervision which could lead to tragedy.However with our normal thinking , why bother taking precautions when we are so used at handling the tragedy.I do yearn a quiet holy month.

Save money, buy no firecrackers.

say Yes to a quiet holy month.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A poem for A Birthday Girl

This poem is to celebrate a girl's existence
There will not be a present or a birthday song for her
I thought I just write a poem just for her
To celebrate her day

I know someone like you in the past
Your bravery hides your fear and pain
I applaud your courage and clout
navigating between two rough complicated terrains
mothering adults and children
you are wise beyond your years
sometimes we forget you are just a girl...

A beautiful smile with a beautiful face
A heart full of love
A person who has seen much
A girl who suffers silently
A determined intellectual

A life of broken promises 
A future of dreams and achievements

We might not talk much now
I might not shelter you from  the pain in the world
I might not be there for you
I might be lost from your life
You might not read this poem

I do care for you
I do love you
I pray for the day
You can be who you want to be
that impressive person I know you will day

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl.

You are loved !

Happy Ramadan

The reason some people are not taking a break during a busy semester must be  not to be overwhelmed after their return.I am having a really busy time trying to complete a  lot of things  and trying hard not to slack off.During the holy month of Ramadan, I find myself blessed . I did my best to be more patient with a lot of things and with myself.I learn to be grateful . Happy Ramadan everyone.

Take A Peek

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