Thursday, August 25, 2011

My favourite Stall - Ramadan 2011

These two sisters sold their food during this year Pasar Ramadan 2011 in Arau.The food is truly delicious and real cheap.The sellers are lovely and friendly people. I love teasing them whether they did have profit from selling food at such cheaper price.They would always laugh.They are university students and since they have long semester break, they decided to sell food during Ramadan.Today is their last day.According to them, this is the first and last time for them to set up this stall.They are going to buy baju raya after this.These people are definitely going places.I would miss them a lot..and their food.

Two sisters

Delicious Food

Heavenly taste

I did not try rendang petai

  Great Rendang

My Bff's favourite dish

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  1. The rendang was superb ! There was 1 day, I was craving for rendang, I did found their stall. But just bought it for once since I rarely go there. For a university's student, it was a great try !


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