Thursday, August 25, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya & Balik Kampung

I am leaving for my Hari Raya holiday tomorrow.However I haven't packed yet.I hope I would be able to do all tonight.It seems a wishful thinking considering how lazy I am.I am charging my gadgets now so I will be connected.I am trying not to bring a lot of clothes which is very hard to do.I need to learn to be a light traveler.I learnt that my nephew and nieces bake chocolate chip cookies for Eid celebration.It warms my heart as when they were young, we did have fun baking the cookies.I am happy that they remember that. The campus seems deserted as the students are in the mood of celebration as some of them are already at home.I am a little worried about those who ride motorcycles to their destinations as rainy days are here to stay.I did remind them to be careful and get enough rest.These young determined chaps keep on smiling trying their best to indulge me.I am also impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of my students.The students are impressive in their own ways.Sometimes we just have to look harder and be patient.

So have a great time cos I will.

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