Thursday, August 4, 2011

A poem for A Birthday Girl

This poem is to celebrate a girl's existence
There will not be a present or a birthday song for her
I thought I just write a poem just for her
To celebrate her day

I know someone like you in the past
Your bravery hides your fear and pain
I applaud your courage and clout
navigating between two rough complicated terrains
mothering adults and children
you are wise beyond your years
sometimes we forget you are just a girl...

A beautiful smile with a beautiful face
A heart full of love
A person who has seen much
A girl who suffers silently
A determined intellectual

A life of broken promises 
A future of dreams and achievements

We might not talk much now
I might not shelter you from  the pain in the world
I might not be there for you
I might be lost from your life
You might not read this poem

I do care for you
I do love you
I pray for the day
You can be who you want to be
that impressive person I know you will day

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl.

You are loved !

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