Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Books and Happy New Year

As we bid goodbye to 2011, let me say it is an eventful year for me. In term of writing, it has been a productive year as we managed to write four books that year despite the busy academic challenges.We wanted to write a Malay book which I managed to write amidst the laughter of my cynical bff.She helped me to polish my language.I did my part and sent to the leader.I really hope that manuscript will turns to be a book.Each book starts with a dream.2011 is the year that dreams turn to reality.

Our book of poems.

A very expensive book

Our most expensive book

The latest Book

It is hard to beat 2011.At least one book will be materialized and others to dream............

Happy New Year ! Thank you for your support !

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Travel Tales of Thinking Travellers - RM32

If you are interested to purchase the book, do contact me at So far we have sold 94 books on our own.It is a good start. We are very thankful to our supportive family members, friends and students who bought these books simply because they support us.Personally, I learn a lot from selling the books.I learn the marketing and promotional aspect of selling these books.Writing this  book is a completed chapter but persuading people to read the book is another unfinished business.We have received glowing remarks of the book.Some even asked if  there is any book launch and  the second edition of Travel Tales. Alhamdulillah!

(source : Saeidah's Facebook - Thanks Idah!)


Puan Hasinah - Very interesting n I luv reading it....1st hand info abt travelling.Excellent 

Moona           -  Impressive .Buku digarap dengan baik.

Zarith            - C0oo0ol

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Travel Tales of Thinking published!

I browsed the Publisher's homepage and saw the photo of the book.I was so excited . I got the idea to write this book during a long bus trip from Perlis to Johor Bahru. It was the Singapore Trip June 2009. A group of us went to visit some universities in Singapore and learnt a lot of new things.When I came back, I persuaded some friends to write their travel tales. After we finished writing, the manuscript was accepted to be published by the University Press. After a lot of editing and wondering about the book, it is published.

 I am still waiting for the publisher to contact me and tell me when they are going to send me the books.I did e-mail them and one of them did call me confirming the book is published .He said his colleague is going to call me and I am still waiting for that call. After we got the books, we need to sell the book.My bff has managed to persuade 20 buyers and we hope more people would want to buy the book.Travel Tales of Thinking Travellers costs RM32. It is a collection of travel tales by a group of travellers.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fave song of the moment

The lyric is written by Malique which is awesome. I think this lyric is one of the most complex lyric to be comprehended and so malay in nature.The combination of two gifted singers really works.Can we really forgive people? Fortunately I am blessed with forgiving people like my family and bff.They have this wonderful angelic side as they readily forgive those who wrong them readily as I stand beside them learning but wondering about their foreign but wonderful side .I know they couldn't live peacefully if they don't forgive the wrongdoers especially those who asked for their forgiveness.I feel their hurt and wonder about their readiness to forgive and move on. I just wonder if it is normal for us  to do whatever we want such a hurting other people and when we realise our mistake, we can just ask for forgiveness and expect to be forgiven .I am lucky as I am surrounded by these good people as learning events are aplenty.I pray that you are as lucky as I am.I pray that we don't hurt people unnecessarily  especially those we love.

Aku maafkan kamu 
Tak perlu kita bertemu
cukup kau tahu
yang aku maafkan kamu
tolong teruskan hidup 
jgn sebut nama ku ..

ain't that it ?

Take A Peek

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