Thursday, December 29, 2011

Travel Tales of Thinking Travellers - RM32

If you are interested to purchase the book, do contact me at So far we have sold 94 books on our own.It is a good start. We are very thankful to our supportive family members, friends and students who bought these books simply because they support us.Personally, I learn a lot from selling the books.I learn the marketing and promotional aspect of selling these books.Writing this  book is a completed chapter but persuading people to read the book is another unfinished business.We have received glowing remarks of the book.Some even asked if  there is any book launch and  the second edition of Travel Tales. Alhamdulillah!

(source : Saeidah's Facebook - Thanks Idah!)


Puan Hasinah - Very interesting n I luv reading it....1st hand info abt travelling.Excellent 

Moona           -  Impressive .Buku digarap dengan baik.

Zarith            - C0oo0ol

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