Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Travel Tales of Thinking Travellers..is published!

I browsed the Publisher's homepage and saw the photo of the book.I was so excited . I got the idea to write this book during a long bus trip from Perlis to Johor Bahru. It was the Singapore Trip June 2009. A group of us went to visit some universities in Singapore and learnt a lot of new things.When I came back, I persuaded some friends to write their travel tales. After we finished writing, the manuscript was accepted to be published by the University Press. After a lot of editing and wondering about the book, it is published.

 I am still waiting for the publisher to contact me and tell me when they are going to send me the books.I did e-mail them and one of them did call me confirming the book is published .He said his colleague is going to call me and I am still waiting for that call. After we got the books, we need to sell the book.My bff has managed to persuade 20 buyers and we hope more people would want to buy the book.Travel Tales of Thinking Travellers costs RM32. It is a collection of travel tales by a group of travellers.

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  1. been waiting for the book seems like ages..hahaha


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